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Why your online store should be multichannel?

Why your online store should be multichannel?

We live in a society marked by constant changes. New technologies are appearing all the time, changing the way we face different daily activities. Cell phones are perhaps the prime example of this. In the beginning, they were restricted, expensive items, access to a few. Then, they evolved in terms of smartphones and became essential for everyday life in the 21st century. 

The very emergence of virtual stores is associated with these technological transformations - and despite that, this does not mean that they are immune to the advancement of time. Quite the contrary! Consumers have also changed (and continue to change) to keep up with the technology. Think of your own experience as a consumer. You can hardly buy anything without researching before, right? Going a step further, you probably “take a look” at several places before making your decision. Compare prices, see the opinion of other customers, and check the reputation of the store. Go through several channels in search of the perfect purchase. And your customers do the same thing. 

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about why your virtual store should be multichannel.

What does it mean to be multichannel?

A store is multichannel, when it is present in several storefronts at the same time. Although quite simplistic, this analogy serves to demonstrate how each channel is a platform on which you can apply different strategies to reach your audience. Adopting a multi-channel strategy increases the visibility of your virtual store, making it capable of reaching a larger number of people. 

In addition, when you stop to think about the profile of the current consumer, a figure who constantly seeks information in different places - that is, he is multichannel himself - makes an even greater sense to be present on multiple platforms.

Examples of channels in which your online store can be present: 

  • E-mail marketing 
  • Social networks 
  • Marketplaces

Main advantages of a multichannel virtual store

Well, you already understand the basics of the multichannel concept. Now it's time to talk about some of the advantages of using this type of strategy in your online store.


An immediate advantage of being present on multiple channels is visibility. Multichannel virtual stores can reach a wide and varied audience, something essential for those who want to grow the business. To be seen is to be remembered!

Proximity to the customer 

Acting on multiple channels means being available to your customers when they need you! This includes responding to emails, comments, and messages on social networks, as well as any other type of contact or feedback about your products and services. When done correctly, interaction with customers can increase customer loyalty and increase conversions.

Reach the customer through your preferred channel 

By being present on multiple platforms, you increase the chances of reaching a customer through your preferred channel. For example: Imagine that customer A likes to receive emails with personalized offers. But the client B, in turn, prefers to search on their own in marketplaces and price comparators. A virtual store that sends emails and is part of marketplaces/price comparators can reach both customers through their favorite channels!

Higher data volume 

When your virtual store is multichannel, it is possible to use the data obtained on the various platforms to better know your audience. Social networks like Instagram and Facebook provide important information about their users, such as times of greatest activity, location, gender, and age group. This data can be extremely relevant to define effective strategies to increase your sales.


To generate positive results, a multichannel virtual store requires meticulous planning and time availability. As much as tools such as HUBs (marketplaces integrators) can assist in the automation of processes, being part of several channels will naturally require more time available to manage them. 

Therefore, it is important that you and your team jointly seek alternatives to create a sustainable multi-channel strategy that is compatible with your business.