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Ways technology will influence the future of customer service

Ways technology will influence the future of customer service

The customer experience is one of the main factors considered by a company while selling a product or losing the customer. And this is a difficulty that many companies face. According to Reviewer research, 68% of customers consider that the service is disqualified. However, 77% of companies listen to customer feedback and assessments, showing that there is a concern with service quality. For this, technology can be an ally in customer service, helping in the company's sales and loyalty strategies. 

In this article, you will see how technology will impact customer service and how these new trends can be beneficial for your business.

Customer service will be Omni channel

To serve your customers well, it is essential to have integration between the different service channels. With this integration between channels, it is possible to create triggers to anticipate a question and provide a valuable experience for your customers. For example, while purchasing a product over the Internet the customer for some reason contacts the company through a service channel. When accessing this channel, whether, by voice, chat, or e-mail, the system will identify the customer and anticipate some actions, considering that this customer purchased a product through e-commerce, thus speeding up the service and provides a pleasant experience to the customer.

Speed ??will be essential for customer service

Whoever has called a call center knows how long it can take to have an attendant. In times of 5G Internet, customers want distance from this type of situation. What they want is for the company to be available online and 24 hours a day. 

One of the proposals to serve this 21st-century consumer is the use of chatbots. Based on artificial intelligence, these bots can carry on a conversation, through messaging applications, with humans. In some cases, such as virtual assistants from Google and Amazon, this customer service is provided even by voice. All of this is to give customers fast support and maximum comfort.

Technology promotes the best customer experience 

If you run a business, you know how essential a positive customer experience is. With the advancement of new technologies, it is possible to guarantee even better customer service. For e-commerce companies, it is the ideal time to invest in design and UX (User Experience), in addition to offering products based on the consumer's history.

SEO, a wildcard for customer service 

Except for very popular companies with high investment in advertising, it is expected that no one knows in advance what the address, social network or website of a company is. Today, thanks to the technological advances of search engines like Google, the customer just needs to use the correct keyword for him to have access to all the contacts of an enterprise. 

For instance, if the consumer has broken the laptop and needs the technical assistance through phone, then it is very important that this information appears in the first search positions. That is why promoting search engine optimization is so relevant to customer service. In addition to being a way to attract new leads, SEO is very useful, especially at times when the consumer most needs help.