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How Omni channel strategy improves the customer experience

How Omni channel strategy improves the customer experience

The Omni channel strategy is a concept that in recent years has spread widely in the marketing world. Reasons are not lacking for this to have happened. With the everyday use of mobile devices and the expansion of e-commerce, interactions with customers are transformed.

 However, not only did this change, but the buying process also changed. Users check prices, compare products, search for recommendations on Google, and on social media. They became hyperactive and hyper-connected. They jump from one channel to another using different devices and technologies. Consequently, brands are c

hallenged to be present in each of these phases to accompany the user from start to finish. And this is where Omni channel comes into play. 

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What is Omni Channel?

The word Omni channel consists of a radical of Latin origin, Omni, which means everything, and channel, from English, which refers to the channel. The term can be translated, as well, like all channels. Knowing the terminology is essential to understand how this concept applies to the processes of a company and is associated with the customer experience in the purchase journey, something central to the development of a good strategy. 

Unlike cross or multichannel, Omni represents an integrated experience between all channels, be it customer service, sales, or relationship with the brand. Besides, the term suggests a complementary practice, with online and offline stages of the relationship with the public being completed. Thus, the consumer can migrate between channels and platforms without jeopardizing their experience! 

A classic example of Omni channel is when the customer initiates a purchase via mobile, migrates to the website to continue their research there, but finalizes the purchase in person. The idea is that the sequence of steps necessary to complete the purchase is covered naturally, regardless of the channels used in this process. Therefore, a good strategy in this sense should involve a series of precautions so that the consumer has a good shopping experience. After all, one of the main objectives of the Omni channel is precisely loyalty!

Steps towards an integrated customer experience

Setting up an omnichannel customer journey can be done efficiently by following key steps. Here's how to deploy a superior customer experience: 

Improve your customer knowledge

To begin with, it is obvious that to place the customer at the center of its strategy, it is necessary to get to know them better by giving them the floor. Satisfaction surveys are an excellent way to collect valuable and relevant customer data. Indeed, the opinion shared by your customers will turn into key insights allowing you to divide consumers into different segments and, thus, understand the needs and expectations of each of them. 

The process of capturing customer feedback is important because, you will gain an increased knowledge of your target market and will be able to personalize the exchanges between buyers and your customer service, as well as your marketing and sales messages. You will also benefit from a more impactful strategy given that you will choose to optimize the channels favored by your customer segments.

Take a customer-centric approach 

Consumers are playing an increasingly active role in marketing campaigns because they choose when and where to view messages and how. In your marketing activities, you must work "backward", that is, start from your target audience and then determine the modes and tools of communication that you will use to attract them, to serve them, and to entice them to buy.

Use the appropriate communication tools 

Be where your customers want you to be. Knowing their behaviors and preferences will allow you to select the appropriate channels and touch points to communicate with them. Small businesses don't have enough resources to advertise on all marketing channels or establish a presence on all social media platforms. By organizing communications around their clients' needs, they can maximize the impact of their marketing budget.

Personalize the customer experience 

Finally, any customer-centric strategy using Omni channel tactics must deliver a personalized customer experience. To do this, your company must first have completed its digital transformation. Then, you will have to disseminate personalized actions through all the contact points offered to the consumer: 

  • A loyalty program that can be used in-store as well as via digital tools. 
  • Alerts for special events (customer birthday, private sale for loyal customers, etc.) intelligently shared through the channel most likely to be used by your target at any time. 

Thus, a customer receiving a voucher by email on the occasion of his/her birthday must be able to view the offer on the smartphone as well as the products that interest them and then go and buy them at the nearest physical point of sale.  Your goal is to make his experience as smooth as it is pleasant to retain him in the long term.


In short, being able to awaken the interest of customers and be able to retain them is the goal of the Omni channel strategy, producing content for potential customers based on their behavior. If you manage to connect all the channels and offer the Omni channel customer a unique experience, your strategy will have an effect on customers and you will achieve better sales results in your company.