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Tips and Tools to Write SEO Optimized Content

Tips and Tools to Write SEO Optimized Content

Struggling with your website ranking? Confused why your website is not driving much traffic? Well, even the best-written content becomes pointless, if no one can find the page.  This is the reason behind why the content in your website needs to be search engine optimized. 

SEO friendly content helps you rank higher in the search engine result while enhancing your chances for more clicks, shares, likes, and engagement. However, creating an SEO enhanced content is not that easy. Hence, we’ve come up with some effective tips and tools to help you create SEO optimized content for your website.  

Tips to Make your Content More SEO-Friendly

  1. Include Headlines and Sub-headings
  2. Focus on creating high-quality content
  3. Optimize the article length
  4. Choose keyword precisely 
  5. Link to your other content
  6. Optimize your images
  7. Make it more sharable

Include Headlines and Sub-headings

Having a clear heading makes the content easy to read. Defining headline with some subheadings also boost the keyword saturation. Remember, people are more likely to read and share the content that is easy to read and understand.  

Focus On Creating High-Quality Content

Writing high-quality and relevant content will make you earn a good reputation in the eyes of search engines. So, improve your writing quality and make it more useful, entertaining and creative to attract the readers. 

Choose Keyword Precisely 

It is important to select the keyword wisely. You can either hire an SEO expert to do this for you or can pick keyword based on the planned keyword search results. Make sure to include keywords in the main text, title, headers and tags.  

Link to Your Other Content

You can up your SEO game by linking to high-quality, reputable websites. Such links can boost the validity of your website. The better the website links, the higher you will rank in the search engine result. Moreover, the presence of credible sources in your content can help you build trust with your readers.

Optimize the Article Length

Although you may get preference by Google by writing a lengthy article, you may end up losing readers if it is too long.  Minimum of 300 words should be there in your article to grab the attention, but there is no ideal maximum length defined. 

Try to cap your article around 700 or 800 words to maintain reader interest.  Also, keep the keyword density to 1-2% of the text.

Optimize Your Images

Images play an important role in making your content more engaging and sharable. Appealing and relevant images are more likely to grab the eyeball.  

You can use this fact to your advantage by adding keywords to the image files and using the ALT tags. Also, optimize the image size as too large images can slow down the loading time that will hurt your website SEO. 

Make It More Sharable

Once you manage to have an SEO-friendly, content, the next step is to make it more sharable. The articles that people find articles that people find interesting to read have a greater chance to be shared by them.  

Tools To Make Your Content SEO Friendly 

Keyword Density Checker 

This tool scans your text and URL and lets you know how many times each keyword is used in the content. It can be really helpful for the articles that are too long.


Any instances of plagiarism can be checked using the PlagTracker tool.  You can see the plagiarized content in your article and replace them with new, original content. 

Now that you know some effective tips and tools to create SEO–friendly content, go ahead and boost your SEO score and traffic like a SEO pro