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Advantages of using telegram as a marketing tool in your business

Advantages of using telegram as a marketing tool in your business

Have you ever considered using Telegram for Business? Probably so, but you may be unsure about how to get started. Why worry about another communication channel? Is Telegram Marketing worth it? Although Telegram is not as popular an app as WhatsApp, it is an excellent tool for improving your marketing strategy. And everything that can serve as a good tool to increase the reach of your brand is an option that is worth knowing in more detail. So in this post, we’ll talk more about this app. 

A tour of telegram

With Telegram, you can send text messages, documents, images, audio, and videos. In addition, you have the possibility to create social, family, or workgroups. One of the main advantages is the creation/use of bots.

Its launch form was announced on August 14, 2013. And initially, it was designed for devices with Android and iOS operating systems. But currently, the service is also available for macOS, Windows, and others. Some of the most outstanding functions of Telegram are: 

  • Make calls; send messages in text format, videos, and voice recordings. 
  • Lock screen captures.
  • Browse the net without leaving the application, as it has its own internal browser. 
  • Provides multiple security options.
  • Creation of articles in the form of text with options that allow you to save time when doing content marketing, facilitate its visualization, and sending through chats or channels. 
  • Use of bots. 
  • Join groups close to your geo location. 
  • Have several accounts from the same phone number.

Advantages of using telegram as a marketing tool

Using the multiple functions of Telegram in your online marketing strategy can generate many benefits. Among them:

Helps in saving resources 

By using bots, you can automate some actions that will save you time and even reduce expenses. The bots or virtual assistants can provide customers with information about the products, the stages of the purchase service and answer frequently asked questions. They can also receive and send different types of documents, make transfers, and more.

Increases brand reach 

Telegram is a platform that despite not being as popular as WhatsApp, has a good number of users. And, one of its advantages is that there is not much competition between brands when it comes to carrying out online marketing actions such as attracting new audiences and building loyalty. On the other hand, the same application allows you to create public channels that all types of users can access. This makes your content reach more people, and that they can also share it easily.

Assertive communication with fixed messages and hashtags 

In Telegram, there is the fixed message feature, where you can keep a message at the top of a group's conversation. This way all users will be able to see it more easily and, with that, communication is facilitated. Another interesting resource for communication is hashtags, which work similarly to other social networks. When talking about a specific topic, like marketing digital, you can use the hashtag in front of the term and, thus, it becomes clickable. This means that when clicking, the user sees all messages from the group on this topic.

Provides you with more loyal customers 

By including Telegram in your marketing strategy, you increase your ability to retain customers. Users who come to your channels sign up voluntarily, because there is already something in your content offering that interests them. That interest in being part of your community is already an endorsement so that you can count them as potential customers. They are not only interested in your content; they can also be customers for your products or services. Besides, you have a counter that tells you how many people have read your message.


Telegram has shown itself to be a major competitor of WhatsApp, with diverse resources and new opportunities for digital marketers to include in their communication strategies. By exploring the tool and its many features, it is possible to have interesting insights, which will help in your strategies according to the objectives set.