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Tips to conduct training to achieve goals and take your team to the top

Tips to conduct training to achieve goals and take your team to the top

To achieve goals and stand out in the market, nothing is better than a high-performance team with trained and motivated members. And, for this, the manager must bet on the right personnel strategies to assist them. Training and motivating staff is a process that can be learned and applied by any manager. 

In this way, it is possible to achieve even greater achievements in the company, as well as build a more pleasant and productive work environment. Things like: improving the fluidity of communication, creating goals with the team, and seeking more dynamic training can make all the difference. 

Thus, here we have prepared a guide for your team to succeed in the race for the defined goals, leading to the development of the company as a whole. Follow the reading and learn how to offer the best support to your team!

How to make your team achieve goals?

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula that can be adapted to answer the question "how to make your team achieve goals". But there are some techniques and methodologies that certainly help in this challenge.

Set goals collaboratively 

Employees, more than anyone, know what the main difficulties they face daily are, what the opportunities are and how long each thing takes to be done. Therefore, their opinion is an excellent contribution when it comes to building the company's goals. Besides, goals established collaboratively, with the help of employees, tend to have a greater adherence. The team member feels valued for having his opinion heard. In addition to understanding why the goal was set that way. This leads to greater engagement and, consequently, a better result.

Share the evolution of indicators 

When setting goals, it is essential that you also choose the best indicators for tracking work. Contrary to what many managers still believe, these indexes should not be known exclusively to the leader. Having the KPI staff always in view and updated is a great source of motivation for the team. This practice is known as spot management. Thus, they will always know how they are performing and will be able to correct any flaws before it is too late.

Bet on bonuses and variable remuneration 

Investing in a variable compensation strategy is a good idea to help your team achieve goals. Although money is not the biggest source of motivation, especially among millennial professionals, recognition is very important. Sharing the company's success with the team will make them feel more prestigious and more engaged in the pursuit of goals.

Celebrate achievements 

Celebrating victories is an important ritual to maintain team motivation. This moment of relaxation and positivity is symbolic and shows professionals that they are doing a good job, in addition to providing an opportunity for socializing while creating a good work-related experience.

Choose the appropriate methodology 

According to the objectives you want to achieve with your training to achieve goals, the methodology will vary. If you are not from the company's HR, ask for help for this sector in choosing the best tools and approaches. In this selection, you must take into account not only the content but also the audience and the general conditions for training. For example, if your teams are spread across different cities, it may be interesting to have a base shown in video lessons and then discussions on topics.

Encourage interaction between participants 

Training to achieve more productive goals is those in which participants build knowledge together. For that, the interaction between them is indispensable. Create an environment in which people feel comfortable to speak and to make their contribution, without fear of judgment or criticism.

Monitor the action 

Monitoring the action is a very important step for you to evaluate if the planning was efficient and if it had the intended objectives. That way, you will be able to see the points that worked well and those that can be improved in a future opportunity.

Count on the support of management systems 

Technology can be a great ally in management, facilitating communication, motivation, and alignment of employees in the pursuit of goals. As an example, it is possible to highlight systems for goal management, competency assessment, and internal communication. For this reason, it is important to invest in technologies that add value to the company.


These are some of the main tips for training and motivating the team, but there are others. It is important for the manager to get to know his team, conduct performance evaluations, and discover the technical skills that need to be developed.