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Tactics to build SEO link for your e-commerce businesses

Tactics to build SEO link for your e-commerce businesses

Having no luck with your content strategies and outreach techniques? Need help with your ecommerce SEO link building?  With link building being the most crucial aspect of SEO that can boost your search engine ranking, traffic and sales, it is obvious to give it a thought. Most of the ecommerce sites struggle to build high-quality links. 

But don’t fret as we’ve compiled a list of some effective SEO link building strategy for your e-commerce business to succeed.  


Do you know a website receive 97% more links through blogging? Adding a blog is a simple yet effective strategy to drive traffic. You can even get double or more ROI than those companies that do not blog. Just include content relevant to your niche and focus on sharing clickable/click-bait content.  Here are some types of content that you must consider while back linking.


  • Infographic 


An infographic can bring you the better result when shared on social media. You can include some how-to guide in your blog in the form of an infographic and use it as a social media promotions strategy. 

  • Listicles 

Creating a listicle type content can also provide you good engagement rate.  For instance, you can write something about the top 10 fashion bloggers or top 10 SEO blogs.  Such type of contents usually gets more clicks when shared. 

Guest posting

Although some people are saying that guest blogging is dead, some case studies prove it wrong by getting a good result with guest posting. As per Ninja Outreach, they got 5% of their 2-year overall referral traffic with guest posting.  So, guest posting is still effective when you follow the right approach. Here is how guest posting can benefit your e-commerce business.  

  • Built authority and credibility 
  • A wider reach
  • Online circle expansion
  • Enhanced social media presence 
  • Strengthening SEO 

Unfortunately, many people out there who use guest blogging for the wrong reasons. So, you need to be careful with spams. Inspect each submission and accept the links from the reputable sites. 

Video Content

If you want to take your link building, to the next level, video content is a great way to go. You can thus use native platforms like YouTube to link to you. With video marketing becoming highly effective in the B2B industry, it can be a wise approach to leverage the potential of video. 

According to a study, 97% of marketers agreed that they were able to increase the understanding of their product or service among their users through video. It also helped to boost their sales. Creating content that is informative, engaging, and entertaining is quite difficult. However, it is possible to achieve the goal through video. The video makes it easier to convey about your product effectively.  

Linkable Assets

Struggling to secure backlinks to the home or product pages of your e-commerce website? Try out creating linkable and shareworthy content. It could be in any form like a blog, video, how-to guide, interview, infographic or e-book. 

A page that solely focuses on selling the product might not be a good way to go.  However, if you manage to offer information that goes beyond promoting a product can increase your chances of gaining a backlink. For example, while promoting a fitness product, you can include a how-to video about how to work out with it.  

Concluding remarks

 Success with link building takes time but keep pushing your efforts, and you will get there for sure.  The above link building strategies will certainly make a difference in ranking between your ecommerce website and a competitor’s. Consider working with SEO experts for leveraging your backlinking strategy. 

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