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5 project management tools to use in your organization

5 project management tools to use in your organization

Working with the best project management tools helps to optimize time and automate tasks across the enterprise. Besides, they can also be used in organizing activities and their assignments. Project management does not need and cannot be a complicated thing. However, not everyone knows an effective tool that can assist in the development of work. 

So, thinking of helping you, we have listed 5 project management tools to use in your company. That way, you will have different options to test and see which one best suits your reality. Let's see!


Considered as one of the best project management tools, Podio has several features to manage the work of companies. Besides, it organizes delivery times, tasks, tasks, and other files in one place. In this way, through the tool, everyone involved in the project can see what is being done, planned, in progress, and complete. It is also worth remembering that Podio provides some filters to check, for example, the deliveries that a single person made. 

Therefore, it is much easier for the manager to measure deliveries and perform performance analyzes. Another very interesting function of this tool is to store the history of the old projects so that they can be used as a reference. Podio has a free version for up to five employees and paid versions for larger companies.


Asana is one of the best known and most used platforms in the world. Its design is attractive, its interface and functionalities very intuitive. Asana's user interface can be described as minimalist, and unlike competing apps, Asana is a good choice for those taking their first steps into the world of project management software. 

With Asana you can create projects on your board as threads, as well as edit and share the content in the same interface. The team members assigned to each project have certain rights defined by the administrator. In the project overview itself, you can define subtasks, give feedback, set deadlines, and much more. You can also highlight individual project tasks in color to enhance clarity in the interface.


At Trello, innovation meets playful elements. Here, organizing means designing a kind of Kanban board together. Projects, posts, discussions, chats, and more run on cards that can be dragged and dropped from one list to another on the whiteboard. In this way, cards can be passed between categories, and the workflow can be visualized. 

It's no coincidence that Trello is a bit like the game of solitaire. The card-based tool is made to be simple and fun. Cards are interactive - you can link team members to a card so they can participate. They can also contain information in different formats: texts, images, chats, and links to the most important functions.

Trello does not switch tabs in the browser when a card is opened, making this project management software intuitive and easy to use. So-called power-ups, that is, integrated applications, can be added to the cards. With Giphy, for example, you can assign each card an image file to make it stand out and make it even more eye-catching.


It is a complete tool capable of managing projects and tasks. His specialty is managing communication between the members of each team, for which he offers his tools to chat, call, and even make video conferences. It is adapted for mobile and also has a desktop version. The functionalities to plan activities allow the manual generation of very intuitive and visual Gantt charts, making planning more enjoyable. 

However, you are limited to simple dependencies between activities. This tool is perfect for companies that organize projects in collaborative workspaces, being able to combine tasks, files, and comments.

This online tool for project management is the result of mixing easy and intuitive use and a friendly and attractive interface. We could say that its strong point is usability. You can create processes and tasks, assign them to different work teams, and in a very simple way but striking control panel, you can see how everything is going. With Monday, you will be able to see from who has been assigned a certain task to its progress. 

When you start a project, you create a list of tasks that you have to carry out. Then you can add columns, as in the other tools, to know in what state these tasks are. And you can also add a question and answer section to assignments!