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Essential pillars to have a successful digital business

Essential pillars to have a successful digital business

We live in times where the digital space has become mandatory for those who do business. Before, it was an option to have a digital presence, but at this moment those who are not in digital do not exist in the consumer's mind. Thus, we are at the right time to solidify business and to create a business based on a digital structure. However, this structure must be based on solid pillars. A house never starts with the roof. And this is a business, similar to a house that has to be well decorated and prepared to receive in the best way, with charm, comfort, and the intention to serve well.

The digital space becomes more competitive every day, and the consumer quickly gets lost in the middle of so much information. It is essential to be relevant to be able to stand out amid so much information. We cannot afford to be one more. We need to have the ability to become the best option in the mind of our potential customers. 

Well, to create/prepare your business for this new era of accelerated transition to the digital world, we are here to help you with 4 Pillars that are considered to be essential to have a successful Digital Business:

1st pillar: Define your business

It sounds very simple, perhaps it is one of the steps where entrepreneurs fail most. Defining your business well will bring you clarity in the way and the way you communicate to your potential customer. Thus, you must start with the Mission. What do you want to deliver to the world? What legacy do you want to leave with your business? What changes do you deliver with your product and/or service? Why do you do what you do? Then, this mission should be transformed into a Vision. Where will your business be in 5, 10, 15 years? How do you want to be recognized? Move on to Values, and here you will anticipate how you want your customers to feel in contact with your brand. What words do you want them to use to describe you? What keywords will you use in your sale? Align these values ??with your mission. 

And finally, who is the person you want to fall in love with your business? Your Ideal Client is your North star! Everything that is created from now on must be created with this person in mind: Brand, Website, Products, Services.

2nd pillar: Positioning

This is where your magic comes in.  A good position is the launching pad you need for the authority. To be seen as a reference in what you deliver, the creation of a brand to welcome your ideal client is essential. Mindful of the fact that a brand is much more than a logo. Your Brand is the ideal environment for your ideal client, it is the first kiss effect that will keep your followers from forgetting about you, wanting more, and joining your Tribe of fans in their first contact with you and with your brand. 

Finding your Magic is crucial. What do you do differently from what is already done in the market? Why should your people buy from you and not from someone else who does the same? What place do you want to occupy in the hearts of your followers? For a good positioning, you must professionally present yourself. Deliver what you like to find as a customer. Delivering a service of excellence is not differentiation. It is an obligation.

3rd pillar: Generating valuable content

We live in an age of people for people. However, in this pandemic digital medium has become a giant via to create a relationship. In digital businesses, this relationship is created through the content, we share on our digital platforms. This content must always have a basis. You must choose the form of content that most appeals to you, but also the one that best serves your audience. And, don't be afraid to share your knowledge. You want your followers to think, "If this is free content, the pay must be bombastic!" And it has to be!

4th pillar: Community

Whatever be your destination, it is always better to accompanied by people. Surround yourself with the right people, such as the woman in the work community is an excellent example of this and women supporting and helping other women to grow. Entrepreneurship can sometimes be a very lonely path. Above all, because you are usually the only ones among your family and friends who decide to venture to make it happen. Being in a community means you will always have someone who supports you in the most difficult moments, but also someone who challenges you to be better and better and to jump even higher.

If you plan to create a digital business, don't wait for tomorrow. Start today, it's going to be easy? No. But it will be very worth it!