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Why is brand awareness so essential for the growth of your brand?

Why is brand awareness so essential for the growth of your brand?

The lack of brand awareness is the root of several marketing problems: from the lack of visibility to engagement with the customer. A company can't operate successfully until and unless consumers are aware of that brand and its products. For example, people tend to eat foods that belong to a renowned brand, as they do not want to compromise their health. 

A well-known brand will have higher sales numbers than a common brand selling the same item at a lower price. Consumers are inclined towards branded products, although their prices are slightly higher. This is due to the awareness that the product was able to generate in the minds of consumers. The greater the perception of the brand, the greater is the consumer mentality in buying its products.

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is how a consumer recognizes and remembers your product or business. The stronger your brand awareness, the more audiences will recognize your logo, messaging, and products. It has become vital that most people have at least heard about the brand and recognize it, as it can become an asset for the company. 

However, not the total majority, but the majority of your target audience is what matters to you. A consumer's decision whether or not to buy a product often depends on their awareness of that particular brand, that is, awareness. Understanding helps facilitate choice. When a consumer goes to a market, he goes through the different brands of a particular product, but he will buy the best-known product to try or go straight to the one he knows and trusts. 

Besides, with today's marketing becoming a more experiment-driven industry, a whole new set of challenges awaits marketers. As people spend more time online, building a strong brand awareness foundation is like going uphill. It is no wonder that 77% of B2B people are turning to content marketing to create awareness among potential customers.

Why prioritize brand awareness

Brand awareness is important because it helps audiences understand, remember, and feel comfortable with your brand and products. If you can successfully build brand awareness among your target audience, it will become a must when those consumers are ready to research and shop. 

Think about it. Since customers already know your brand, they'll be more likely to buy your product or offer than, say, a competitor they don't know as well. Brand awareness is often seen as the first step in the conversion funnel. By creating brand awareness, you can reach a wider audience of potential buyers. From there, you can guide your prospects through the research and decision-making processes, and ultimately the buying process.

How to increase brand awareness 

There are many ways to increase brand awareness, but for us, the simplest way to do this is to go directly to the source. Ask yourself, "Where do my potential buyers/consumers spend their time?" While the importance of awareness remains unchanged and not challenged for generations, the best practice for building it is to keep up with social, behavioral, and technological trends. For this, a deep work of regionalization can help you to find the places where your target is placing your attention in addition to your hobbies, jobs, families, etc. This awareness can come from offline and online media, just understand the habits of your target.

But, one thing is clear: social media and search engines like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube consume hours for billions of people every day. It is one of the best ways to boost your potential and capture the target's attention. 

Digitally, these platforms are the best way to increase your brand awareness so that you don't get lost in the large but finite amount of other brands that your consumers can buy. Now, is the only moment that exists, and to postpone trying to expand your company with new methods of marketing/advertising is to waste time and money. Especially since many companies are already falling hard on these advertising methods.

Many business owners seem to be afraid to trust these platforms to create awareness. The truth is that fear has never taken anyone anywhere and will instantly slow you down in business. Another fact is that today, this is where your consumers spend their most of time.


As we can see, awareness is an important topic, but often poorly understood, marketing element that is increasingly capable of driving sustainable business growth, strong sales, and more economical campaigns. The main advantage of awareness is that the buyer has been able to connect emotionally with the brand and its values.