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How Powerful Instagram can be for your business

How Powerful Instagram can be for your business

Do you know Instagram has 800 million active users across the globe? Quite huge isn’t it? This colossal number screams how powerful and popular Instagram is. With over 60 million photos being posted each day, and 1.6 billion daily “likes”, it makes an indispensable marketing tool for businesses these days. 

However, gaining success on Instagram takes more than just attractive photos and images. It requires some effective marketing strategies with a unique approach to drive more traffic. This is why; we’ve put together some impeccable Instagram marketing strategies that will help you derive the true potential of this powerful social media platform.  

Pull the trigger with a teaser

A little bit of hint or trailer before the movie evoke curiosity in the mind of people. So, why not try the same with a product teaser on Instagram. You can sell more products by posting a product teaser on this amazing platform.  Just play the card right and don’t force it on your audience and you will see thousands of likes and leads coming your way.  

Go for sponsored ads 

What if you can control the budget and set exactly what you want to spend on an ad? Yes, Instagram allows you to do that by setting an ad budget.  You can show one or multiple ads using the carousel feature and only your followers can see your updates and photos before the sponsored posts.  

Tell your Insta story 

Rather than just including pictures, add some Instagram stories to generate more leads. It is an excellent way to convey your story in a slideshow that will be live only for 24 hours. Insta Story will drive you more user engagement and boost your result.  

Partner with influencers

The fastest and easiest way to reach the potential customer is through influential marketing. Influencers already have an existing audience, and when people will see your products in the feed of the influencer they follow, they are likely to try it out. This way you get a chance of putting your products in front of a huge audience without much effort.  But here, the key is to identify the influencer with an audience who are related to your product or service.

Create instant engagement with a hashtag

The hashtag is now the trendy term, and interactive hashtag can catch the user attention. It makes easier for your customer to search all posts related to your brand. It is a kind of free advertising as every time someone uses your hashtag while posting a photo; they will be exposing your brand or service to their followers. 

Schedule your posts to go live 

Timing plays a crucial role when it comes to posting on Instagram. It is obvious to get tempted to post more often to stay in the user's news feed regularly. But over-posting can turn off your existing followers, and they might unfollow you to get rid of your posts. The trick is to post during peak days and hours when they are online. If you really want to post more without overwhelming your audience, you can use Instagram’s carousel album.

Keep track of your metrics

It is essential to know how you are performing in order to improve your performance. By tracking the metrics, you will see what is working and what is not. Gauging the growth rate of your followers will give you an idea of how your content is affecting them. Also, the Likes and comments on your page speak about the engagement rate that reflects how your page is performing.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is dominating the world of social media. With all the big brands making it their go-to place for image sharing, you need to imply these effective strategies to your social media marketing campaign to scoop out the success.

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