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How to stay positive as an entrepreneur during testing times like COVID-19?

How to stay positive as an entrepreneur during testing times like COVID-19?

The entrepreneurs have shown the way tough one of the toughest times in lived memory- the Coronavirus  pandemic .The entrepreneurial mindset of risk-taking, taking challenge as opportunities, making it through in adverse conditions and the ability to manoeuvre quick outcomes have proved to be key in dealing with the pandemic. The pandemic threw us all into the deep end of the pool and entrepreneurs swam their way out 

However, it would be unfair to say that entrepreneurs have had it all easy through the pandemic given their unique working models. With major changes in mobility, international trade, consumption, and lifestyle patterns, most of the pre-existing norms even for the entrepreneurial world had turned upside down. Start-ups that had just begun were hit badly and those that were under work needed to revamp their entire plan.

Entrepreneurs have helped us remain positive and optimistic throughout the crisis by showing a positive way of looking at things. Turning a negative event into a seemingly positive one was not an easy task. How did the entrepreneurs remain positive themselves throughout the pandemic?

How to remain positive?

Accept change and remould yourself: The most evident and inescapable aspect of the pandemic was change in everything one knew and was used to. One cannot navigate a business through a changing circumstance if they couldn’t embrace the change themselves and understand it. The most important weapon in the hands of entrepreneurs during the pandemic had been being open to it and that had made most of the difference. 

The importance of schedule:During the pandemic when our activities had limited to the confines of our homes, keeping and following a routine was difficult. The mental and emotional strain of a pandemic made it worse. As important as it is to work, it is equally important to take a break, exercise and rest. It doesn’t only rejuvenate your body but also mind and facilitates positive and creative thinking.

Tap in to the knowledge around you:The pandemic has been a highly alienating experience and it is likely for one to fall into the trap of solitude and loneliness. However, successful businesses do not run alone and need knowledge tapping from various sources. It is always wise to form of network of people and get in touch with those from your field, not only to get a better idea of the market but also a feeling of community and support group. 

Guard your mind: It is easy to be persuaded by negative and pessimistic thought than by positive in troubling times. The company you keep, the kind of ideas and thoughts you are receptive to and the kind of media you are consuming- they all play a major role in defining your outlook towards the world. Be selective and mindful about what you consume. While not suggesting shutting off oneself from reality, we do need to filter our sources.

Do not ignore health: When the going gets tough, we make ourself the last one on our priority list is. Ignoring health and physical well-being can be counter- productive in more ways than one can think of. Do not skip meals, eat healthy, spend time with family, go for a run!

Find time for yourself: Losing yourself and your individuality can be easy in overwhelming situations. Even if your work is your passion, find time to do something that makes you happy without expecting any outcome. Spend time with yourself, clear your head, let go of negative feelings and embrace whatever brings in positivity in you- be it music or cooking or gardening. Mental health is of prime importance to keep functioning to our best capabilities.