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How Artificial intelligence helps to boost your sales

How Artificial intelligence helps to boost your sales

Social sales, also called social selling, are no longer a novelty for the B2B world. According to data from LinkedIn, 78% of “social sellers” get better results than professionals who do not use social media to engage with their prospects. Added to this scenario, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a technology of the future, but something that already impacts organizations globally. It has entered into all aspects of the company-customer relationship and has the power to help its salespeople and their company to boost B2B social sales. 

A Harvard Business Review study found that companies that use AI for sales increased their leads by 50%. Artificial Intelligence helps sales teams to increase the quantity - and also the quality - of leads. Consequently, the chances of these teams hitting their goals also increase. All of this looks very promising, and indeed it is. High efficiency and unmatched personalization throughout the customers' buying journey are what Artificial Intelligence can offer your organization - and it is something that all companies aim for. Besides, AI allows salespeople to base their opinions and decisions on data and no longer on assumptions.

Regardless of the model your company follows (B2B or B2C), Artificial Intelligence can transform the way you operate.

Let’s see how artificial Intelligence helps in increasing sales 

Provides in-depth knowledge of customers 

AI helps to know more in-depth the types of customers that a company has and what their real needs are. Through this information a more precise classification of them is possible, even predicting their consumption behaviors. This translates into having a stock of consistent products, carrying out more effective marketing campaigns, among other functionalities.

Increases team productivity 

An important part of the profile analysis work is done through artificial intelligence for sales. As a result, all the prospecting work is optimized in the sales sector and relieves salespeople. Thus, it increases the productivity of the entire team, since Sales professionals no longer need to waste time with tasks such as prospect profile analysis or manual lead scoring.

Improves lead qualification 

Artificial intelligence for sales has already reached fundamental qualification tools, such as lead scoring. The concept is simple and already consolidated in the market: with a scoring system, it allows you to prioritize leads that have greater purchase readiness. The novelty brought by artificial intelligence in sales is that lead scoring can be more assertive when using machine learning in the prospecting process - so that the system will always prospect for leads similar to those that are closing sales.

Identifies the best sales opportunities

You have seen algorithms that allow you to recognize patterns associated with a higher probability of getting a sale. These algorithms are fed with information from different internal customer databases, online activity records, and previous conversations and management by the sales team. 

These techniques are of great help when it comes to converting leads into customers, as they will allow algorithms to predict, which leads to focus on based on the probability of success.


In short, AI can predict sales and improve as one of its unique characteristics is precisely the ability to learn. By analyzing previous steps and new inputs, AI can perform better and better. With the beginning of the use of artificial intelligence, you will definitely be able to achieve results that you could not have achieved without the use of new technologies, and if you are ahead of your competitors, then your business is out of danger.