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B2P Marketing: How to apply it to your business

B2P Marketing: How to apply it to your business

With digital transformation in full swing and changes in consumer habits and sales cycle for companies, B2C and B2B marketing are increasingly giving way to a new concept: B2P marketing. What does this mean for your business? The answer is that now, regardless of whether your company falls into the B2B, B2C, or B2B2C category, the focus of your strategies and processes should always be B2P - Business-to-People. 

For this to work, it is essential to understand what it means - and how your company should act on it. And that is what this article intends to do for you.

The B2P marketing concept 

One of the essential components of effective marketing is understanding the audience for which your strategies are intended and adapting your presentation to suit that audience. The differences around each buyer persona often require marketing teams to plan their outreach strategies in different ways. In B2B marketing it has always been possible to observe the use of detailed and analytical presentations involving value and return on investment proposals. 

As a result, many organizations have forgotten that it is not the companies that make the final purchasing decisions - it is the people responsible for this. According to, B2P marketing approaches its business customers not as mere organizations, but as individual people with unique desires, expectations, and tastes.

Steps for applying B2P marketing concept in your business

All these changes that society and the corporate environment have faced in recent times are reshaping the business world - companies and people - do business today. Adapting your company to this new moment can be easier and more effective if you apply the following tips:

Adopt a new speech 

Escape the ready formula, the one that has always been like this and has always worked, and investigate on your own how your customers, leads, business partners, and market colleagues are dealing with today's challenges. In other words, focus on people instead of their roles or the previous images of what they represented.

Sell ??less and deliver more 

Most likely, some of your leads and customers are also not closing deals right now - frozen budgets, operational restructuring, and economic scenarios take time and money. Applying B2P marketing involves taking advantage of this moment as an opportunity to invest in your relationships, focusing on building value. This ranges from offering advice on how to cope with this moment through blog articles and eBooks to showing empathy when your interlocutor's son appears in the middle of an online business meeting.

Find what your customers want 

People today crave effective and true connections - making this the right time to create the technical content that can make a difference for your audience now. Take the time to understand what is needed at the moment for leads and customers and help bring solutions to these problems and challenges they are facing. 

Find out what these people need from you, your products, and your company. Have real conversations with them. Make questions. And listen - really - to what they say. Only then it will be possible to devise new strategies that meet the specific challenges that people are facing.


Lastly, your company must now position itself as a provider of help, utility, value, and connection with people, offering them something of value. It is time to focus your communication and energy on real people, surviving amid all these changes. They are the ones that need your support now - and they may be the ones that will close big deals in the future.