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How the Internet of Things can transform marketing

How the Internet of Things can transform marketing

The digital age today has involved technological changes in an unthinkable way until a few years ago. Without going any further, it is estimated that by 2020 there will be approximately 50,000 million devices on the Internet. Therefore, inevitably IoT has already become one of the main trends, due to its rapid evolution, and it is already revolutionizing our daily and professional lives. 

The impact of the IoT on consumer habits and behaviors has affected many sectors, and especially in marketing and sales, due to new ways of accessing data. It helps in understanding the preferences of potential customers and resolves their needs. The marketing segment is already being influenced. And, the strategic actions that you know and use within your company will be in the past or, at least, should be reinvented.

Thus, we have gathered here some of the benefits of the implementation of IoT in the marketing sector. Check out:

What is Internet of Things?

It refers to a giant network of "things" or everyday objects (cars, drones, books, clothing, etc.) connected to the web, which allows data on each connected object to be collected in real-time without any human intervention, and then shared to through the cloud to process and use them for specific purposes. According to statistics, by 2020 there will be about 31 billion connected devices worldwide.

Provides more agility in purchasing processes 

You have probably heard the phrase "time is money", right? With the advancement of technology, this expression makes more and more sense! Currently, everybody lives with busy schedules and have busy routines. Therefore, customers nowadays look for establishments that will allow them to make quick purchases and deliver products in an agile and satisfactory way.

The Internet of Things has been taking advantage of this need and many companies are developing platforms and applications that facilitate this experience for consumers. For example, a supermarket can perfectly create a unique app that shows consumers where the products they are looking for are located. An excellent way to invest in marketing!

You can collect relevant customer data 

Do you want to make it easier to store your customers' data and create a complete mailing list? The IoT will be the great facilitator of this activity. Just imagine how amazing it would be if a restaurant could welcome its customers as soon as they enter the establishment? In addition to being a very cool practice to strengthen the relationship with the consumer, it is also excellent for the company to collect more data about its audience.

Integration of different platforms is possible 

Nowadays, you can register on websites with your Facebook account, right? So, let's go further! Let's suppose that, when entering a cosmetics store, a teenager is directed accurately to the section of the products she liked most on the social network. Or that when entering a taxi, your YouTube or Spotify list is automatically directed to the vehicle's stereo. 

IoT allows countless companies and marketers to develop unique and personalized experiences for their customers. Another interesting point is that, with these actions, it will be much easier to observe the behavior and preferences of the target audience. Amazing!


However, its scope is much greater. IoT allows pushing the boundaries of marketing a bit and optimizes the entire buyer journey with fully satisfying end-to-end customer experiences. Consequently, the same quality of information on customer behavior will lead the marketing department to work hand in hand with the operations and sales area in creating applications that make life easier for the consumer. 

Context messages continue to be an extremely valuable resource, and the Internet of Things enhances their effectiveness. But we are talking about the technology that is capable of increasing the scope of the department and making it a protagonist in the creation of innovative experiences that add value.