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How not to let your work consume you

How not to let your work consume you

Harmony in and out of work is very important for professional development. However, the lack of balance between personal and corporate life can cause great physical and psychological damage. Thus, it is common to see people working to the point that it affects their lives. The excess of tasks and the accumulation of hours inside the office can be so exhausting for the individual that he/she starts to get sick. In this sense, mental disorders are increasingly common in the workplace. Stress, anxiety, depression, and Burnout syndrome are some of the diseases resulting from overwork and pressure at work.

With each passing day, the number of people seeking therapy increases to cope with the demands of work and private life. However, whoever experiences all this must be asking themselves: "What should I do to improve this?". Well, here will list some tips below so that your life does not become chaotic.

Tips on how not to let work consume you

Respect your values 

Just because you can do everything, it doesn't mean you should do it. Decide your most important things in your personal and professional life and stick to it. A tip: use the same calendar for both areas of your life so that you don't prioritize your work and forget about your family.


Exchanging moments of leisure and rest for a few more hours at work can cause major problems over time. So, try to escape from work problems during your free time. Even if you feel more productive answering e-mails before leaving the house or ending a presentation at dawn, the sacrifice may not be worth it. Respect your working hours and put your cell phone aside when you leave the office. This can lessen your worries and improve your moments of relaxation.

Make time for your relationships 

It is extremely necessary to dedicate time to the people around us. Having moments with friends and family is important to avoid worsening psychological illnesses. Besides, dedicating yourself to the affective relationship is an excellent way to share problems and share happy moments. Therefore, never neglect friends, family and close relationships due to work.

Do not confuse urgent with important 

Just because something is urgent doesn't mean it is important and vice versa. Whether due to the boss's requirement or simply due to a very high volume of tasks, excessive dedication to work can end up generating an unhealthy imbalance in your life. Avoid having to do everything at once, as this will lead to poor performance in your deliveries. Thus, prioritize your tasks to organize your day.

Learn to delegate and say no 

You don't have to do everything all the time, even if you are an experienced professional and in a leadership position. Focus on the most relevant activities, set priorities, and seek support from your team to accomplish the rest. Besides, if you feel you already have a lot of accumulated responsibilities, it is important to say 'no' if someone asks you to participate in new projects.

Develop new skills 

Don't let your workload and routine tasks stop you from becoming a better professional. It is possible to balance schedules to take that specialization course you have always dreamed of or to finally start learning a new language. Searching for new knowledge can bring the feeling that your time is being well spent, in addition to opening new doors in your career.

Final words

Work is important in our lives, but you don't just have it. You must not forget that you are a group (professional, personal, effective, and family), and when an area becomes unbalanced, it ends up affecting everything else. Although the concept of balance is different for each person, you need to strengthen three fundamental areas for everyone: health, family, and relationships. 

Thus, the organization of your daily life is a key point, because through it things will flow more easily and without so many problems. Even so, it can be difficult to find that balance. So, if you start to feel discouraged, sad, and lack motivation, it may be time to ask for help from a specialized professional.