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How email-marketing automation can benefit your businesses

How email-marketing automation can benefit your businesses

It doesn’t make any sense to spend hours in painstakingly creating every single email for each of your customers. At the same time sending general email blast with irrelevant content to entire subscriber list may force the user to mark it as spam and even unsubscribe.

Imagine, what if sites like Facebook or Twitter manually create and send a welcoming email to every user who signs up for an account? It would be a wild goose chase, isn’t it?

Fortunately, you can avoid such problem by setting up an automated welcome email. The email will be automatically delivered to a person who joins your “Signups” list without a need to lift a finger.

This is what you can achieve with email marketing automation.  As the name implies, it automates the marketing for your business.

What is email automation?

Email marketing automation is an automated process of marketing in which businesses can send email to a specific list of people based on the pre-defined triggers. The email is sent whenever the trigger is activated.

Email automation software is used to set the parameters to determine the time when the automated emails will be sent. In other words, this is an improved marketing strategy with the use of technology to make the emails more personalized and timely. 

Email marketing automation strategy can lead the way of business to improved ROI. In short, you can reach the right audience with a right message at the right time using email marketing automation. 

If you are still not aware of the benefits of email marketing automation, here are some unavoidable reasons to invest in email marketing automation. 

Benefits of email marketing automation 

More personalized and more transaction 

You are more likely to respond when someone calls you by your name instead of just saying “hey” while walking down a busy street. 

The same principle applies to email marketing. Addressing personally grabs more attention and email marketing automation platform allows you to include personalized fields like your name and the name of your company etc. 

Do you know emails with personalized subject lines can have 26% higher open rate as compared to those with general subject lines?  Tailoring email as per the recipient’s need can have a significant impact on your business. 

Also, the transaction rate of emails with personalized content can be six times higher than the generic messages. 

More engaging emails with segment messages

83% of people agree that the biggest benefit of email marketing automation can send more relevant messages. The email marketing automation allows you to segment your customer by gender, age, interest, location or other demographics. That means you can tailor messages based on their interest, purchase behavior and other demographics. 

For instance, if you sell any musical instrument or gadgets, you can create distinct messages for clients who have expressed an interest in music or technology.  This way you ensure that the content you are sending aligns with their interests which can result in higher engagement.

Boosts revenue 

Whenever a visitor of your website takes a specific action, an email is automatically sent to their inbox that is termed as transactional emails. The action can be making a purchase or subscribing to your newsletter or downloading a pdf from your website.

Transactional emails include some basic information that is expected by the recipient such as shipping date or the free download link. Recipients are more likely to interact with transactional emails than a promotional one. Hence it can be used to encourage customers to take a further step.

Final Words 

As an emerging marketer, you have a lot more things to accomplish in your limited time and resources. Setting up automated emails eventually will help you to save time and money.

Email marketing automation can be a very useful ally for taking your business to your new level. 

Although the initial planning may take time, you will end up saving a ton of time in the long run.  With the above benefits in mind, work towards an effective process to start seeing better responses from leads and increased revenue coming your way.

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