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Tips to grow business with Google Ads

Tips to grow business with Google Ads

Every entrepreneur knows that the concept of advertising is the soul of the business. And, amid the swirl of alternatives, it is a fact that Google AdWords has emerged as one of the best and most practical digital marketing solutions to ensure the effectiveness and growth of the business. This security is based on a basic concept: everything is on Google, and, consequently, everyone is on Google too. 

In recent years, the number of people who have included the use of smartphones, tablets, and notebooks with an Internet connection in their daily routine has increased exponentially. Therefore, with the increase in its use, the number of people doing searches on Google has also increased. In this way, Google, through behavioral and usability analysis, made a series of changes to the AdWords platform - its marketing and advertising center - to keep up with this evolution and keep the system generating more and more profit for companies.

Today, Google AdWords is the best known and most efficient sponsored link tool on the internet. With this service, ads are displayed in the form of sponsored links the moment a user performs a search, whether using a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a platform offered by Google for businesses and companies. Therefore, you must know what it is, and what it is for? There are several ways to have web positioning. On the one hand, we have SEO, also known as organic positioning. This strategy follows and obeys Google's algorithms. This is achieved so that your website can be positioned among the first search results in a natural way. 

However, this process is a bit slow and takes time and effort. For this reason, many brands prefer the help of the SEM, which is, investing money so that our website appears. It is in these circumstances that Google Ads appears as an advertising tool that works through a bidding system, or payment. Here, each advertiser can determine the amount of money, that is, what he is willing to pay, and if he wins the auction among advertisers, it will be shown in the results. Now that you know how Google Ads works discover how to use it for your positioning strategies.

Focus on your target audience 

How to make money online with Google AdWords? A very common mistake made by people who are starting a digital business wants to expose their ads to everyone on the internet, instead of opting for audience segmentation. But what is better, having 200 views with 80 conversions or 5000 views with 15 conversions? Of course, it is better for your business to make more sales! 

So, don't get carried away by the high view rate, pay attention to the conversion rate and interaction with your ad, as this is where you can measure the thermometer of interest of your campaigns.

Preparing the PPC in AdWords 

The pay per click is an excellent tool if you know how to use it wisely. You can create your Google AdWords account but first, define your goals. You all want more sales, but it is very generic, and you have to be more specific. Remember that online sales are achieved, when you develop a relationship with your customers. So, some goals of your business in AdWords could be: 

  • Generate more sales. 
  • Get more records on your website. 
  • Get people's email addresses to add them to your newsletter list. 
  • Generate leads. 
  • Improve brand awareness. 
  • Offer value. 

You can select more than one target. But, the idea is that you have a campaign for each objective.

Create a landing page 

The landing page is a URL or website that users "land on" when they click on your ad. It is a single page, which must be distinguished from the main one on your website and must fulfill a clear objective. A good landing page requires an attractive design. And this will be the key for an AdWords campaign. If it goes well, it will help visitors to become leads or even customers. Your goal will be this. To design a good landing page when using Google Adwords: 

  • Focus on the individual design of each landing page for each offer. If you have multiple goals, your visitors will get confused. 
  • Include calls to action. Don't forget to include what you want users to do with a good call to action. 
  • Make it mobile-friendly. Most people today use their mobiles to do searches. Therefore, it is vital to be mobile-friendly. 

Use the Power of Your Brand in Keywords

Remember the golden rule “Relevance is everything” in Google Ads? Well, if someone is looking for your brand, nothing is more relevant to them than your website. So, well used, your brand increases its quality index, reducing its CPC and increasing its ROI. There is one exception (there always is): if you’re already organic first and have a lot of searches related to your brand and don’t have competitors advertising your keyword, this can reduce your ROI, as some clicks that were previously organic will become paid.

Wrapping up

As you see, it is an excellent opportunity and should be part of your online marketing strategy. So, you can have positive results in your business. Learning well how Google AdWords works could be very useful for your business, and this way of online advertising is an excellent way to promote yourself and what you can use according to your budget.