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Tips to Generate Leads for Businesses Using Facebook groups

Tips to Generate Leads for Businesses Using Facebook groups

Do you know you can actually generate a ton of leads with Facebook groups? Yes, with an active user base of 1.18 billion daily, Facebook can be a goldmine to generate leads for a business using the group.  

Here are some quick and simple ways to utilize Facebook groups to generate some potential leads.  

Choose the right facebook groups

The first and most obvious step is to find or create a group to post in. So you have 2 options (either create your own facebook group or join already existing groups). However, as your major goal is to generate leads for your business, the latter option seems better because you will have an established audience to work with. Although creating your own group can also help you with lead generation, but it will take more time to set up, grow, promote, and ultimately maintain the group.

Post content that is relevant to the group

You can’t just post an irrelevant video or blog in a group and expect a flow of leads. The key is to find relevant groups that include your target audience.  Also, don’t just post straight to a capture page as people will first want to look for some value before seeing your contact information. 

Whether you are commenting on a post, asking a question or sharing a link, make sure it is relevant to the audience. (Publishing posts too often on multiple groups at the same time can be flagged as spam)

In this way, you will catch more eyes and get more clicks from your members. Try to become a valuable participant in your group instead of being someone who desperately wants to generate leads.  Posting relevant and valuable content will lay a strong foundation of trust with your facebook group members who can be converted into potential leads in future. (You can also share the content on your website that is used to generate leads and share links to that content on your relevant Facebook Groups.)

Create high-value content 

Facebook is a platform to socialize, and people tend to share content that has high value and gives them a sense of empowerment. (Most of the business pages on Facebook lack the engagement) So, you can create high-value, shareable blog posts to get leads.

Go live to drive traffic

Unless you are a person living under the rock, you must have known what Facebook live is. But you may be unaware that it can be an incredibly powerful way to generate leads. Its nature and interaction make it more unique and popular as compared to other regular marketing videos. (Add a catchy title to your live video to lead viewers into your sales funnel)

Promoting your Facebook group with a blog post

This is another excellent way to get in front of the new audience and turn them into your leads. Promoting your group on the blog and then sharing it on various platforms (Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook) can help you draw a larger crowd. 

Be consistent 

The initial engagement rate of your posts and comments might not be that great. But, when you show consistency, it will be automatically going to catch the attention of more group members. But, becoming a member of a community by joining group is not enough. Show up in it consistently and showcase your expertise, share something valuable (provide tips, post-thought-provoking questions, and congratulate people for their wins). In short, interact with your group members in the similar way you would at an in-person meeting and be visible.  

Cut out the spam

Spammers can decrease the value of your group.  So, it is essential to keep spammers away from your group. Remove spammy posts or irrelevant, offensive spam as quickly as possible and ban those people who don't tag on the rules. (There are groups that started out great, but ended up miserably due to the out of control spam). Do whatever you can to keep your group away from spammers. 

Final Words

We hope the ideas explained in this post will help you generate continues flow of leads using a Facebook group. Although Facebook is constantly evolving, the above quick and easy ways will help you start off on the right foot.  

Building a successful business and marketing takes time and effort. Once you build your Facebook Groups, be sure to foster your new leads and consult with the expert SEO professionals for the best possibility of conversion.