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Costly LinkedIn mistakes that can repel your prospects

Costly LinkedIn mistakes that can repel your prospects

Imagine you just have an interaction with a new lead in LinkedIn. You are expecting a big fat contract coming your way, and you are all set to throw in a few key-skill clichés.  You are hoping for the best with your finger crossed, and just then you end up losing the networking leads. Sounds disheartening? You may be wondering what’s gone wrong. 

Well, this may be because you are committing some mistakes that you have no clue about.  A huge majority of people on LinkedIn use their profile as an extended CV that no one sees.  

It is true that LinkedIn is powerful lead generator but some mistakes on your profile can land you in the spam list.  So, here are some biggest mistakes to avoid if you want to generate more leads.  

Including self-centric headlines

Why will a prospect click on your profile?  You have 120 characters to catch the attention with an intriguing headline. People will click on it only when they find it value driven.  Just talking about yourself will not connect you with the audience.  Also, headlines are something that people see while searching.  So, use a customer-centric headline that should speak about how you can help your prospects.  Condensing your value proposition into a single phrase can get the highest click through rates and more LinkedIn leads generation.

Dull Summaries

You just have few seconds to impress the prospect that is randomly landing on your profile. And as we know books are often get judged by their covers, the first two lines of your summary section along with headlines hold a lot of importance.

With more than 300 million people on LinkedIn, people don’t have time to skim all the details of the profile. A summary that offers value attracts networking leads to click on your profile.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a summary with a clear call-to-action and your value proposition, you are missing out many potential customers.

If you fail to grab their attention, they may click away, and ultimately you end up losing a good opportunity. You must concisely talk about your identity and what you do to get leads from LinkedIn.

Being Static

If the static pictures are worth a thousand words, you can estimate what value you can deliver with a video running at 24 frames per second. Much more than pictures, isn’t it? Adding motion or video to your profile with valuable content like interviews, explainers, and narrated slideshows can level up your visual interest meter.

No clear definition of your audience

LinkedIn is an amazing platform to define or talk about you or your company. No doubt LinkedIn is great to promote product, service, or business, but overdoing it may hamper your networking leads generation. Don’t be too focused on your brand. In fact, think of your audience before making any edit on your profile. Focusing on the specific audience will help you better connect with them. Avoid posting too many promotional updates and sales pitches because you can be sure they can repel your audience.

Few Connections

Do you have very few connections in LinkedIn? Well, LinkedIn is extremely valuable only when you build connections. Try building new connections and establish a good relationship to lead your way to your next opportunity or networking leads.

Not personalizing LinkedIn connection requests

Most of the people don’t bother to personalize the message while connecting to someone for the first time on LinkedIn. Well, this is the biggest mistake they do.  Using the generic message "I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn" may not appeal the prospect to get connected with you.

So, take few moments to include something personalized. A patronized message will convey the recipient that you are more open to your request and it also feels less spammy. Lastly, don’t lie about how you know the person as it can kill your chances of connecting.

Random URLs

How do you introduce yourself in LinkedIn? If your answer is something like” Your Name/pub/32/54b/ab4,”you are committing a serious mistake. It only takes few seconds to create custom URL that helps the prospect to find you. If you don’t want to lose a potential client just because of an inappropriate URL, edit it now. Just click on “your public profile URL," and claim your name.

No credible recommendations

Recommendations are crucial to generating leads from LinkedIn. But having some old recommendation won’t work. You will need recommendations from someone who's reputable, and it must talk about your specific qualifications. For recommendation just to go to the "Privacy and Settings" tab, and click "Profile." Here a link named Manage my recommendations will appear that will allow you to send a message to your boss or co-worker for the recommendation. 

Wrapping Up

LinkedIn is a versatile platform that can be used to enhance audience engagement and the image of your company. Also, it can give you the optimum result when it comes to lead generation and achieving other B2B marketing goals. Just make sure to avoid these perilous mistakes, and you will observe your LinkedIn leads increasing at a rapid pace. Now that you know what not to do on LinkedIn go ahead and leave your competition in the dust.