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Applications of Artificial Intelligence in businesses

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in businesses

We are living in the era of the digital revolution, where new concepts and technologies emerge every day to move people and businesses. Artificial Intelligence is one of them and has been applied frequently. 

Today, Artificial intelligence as a technology is capable of carrying out activities in place of human beings. The software and machines are developed to behave intelligently, and their thinking approaches the thinking of a human being due to a capacity that is part of the concept of intelligence: learning. 

Unlike conventional software, solutions that exploit artificial intelligence can "learn" how to improve the service they are intended for. Nowadays, it is possible to observe the implementation of this software in cell phones, houses, cars, companies, etc. Specifically, in companies, artificial intelligence is used as a way to enhance results, increase productivity, and save time. It can be implemented in several sectors to improve task performance and help management professionals to map processes. 

Thinking about it, in this post, we bring some of the main artificial intelligence applications in companies. Follow the reading and check it out!

Helps in curating financial–decision

Another example of the application of AI in companies is finance. Many investment companies have used AI to help them make investment decisions. Its wide range of uses includes the use of natural language to read texts such as news and runner reports. Analyze the data to profile users and match them to the wealth management products they are most likely to buy. Various personal finance products use Artificial Intelligence to help clients with their finances by optimizing spending and saving based on their individual goals.

Customer service 

All companies know the importance of the customer service area and how much it can affect their brand. Users do not like to be attended by an unintelligent machine, nor do they want to wait hours in the line to be served to, pressing buttons, and being transferred hundreds of times until they can communicate with the right person.

The answer is chatbots because they can process and analyze customer information from the first contact and provide us with really useful insights on how to serve our customers. Solutions like Nano Rep allow you to integrate customer support with resources like Zendesk, Magneto, or Salesforce. Besides, they allow you to have a presence on the most popular instant messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, and WhatsApp.

Enhances security

Artificial Intelligence can be combined with the security mechanisms of organizations to prevent fraud and digital attacks. Through AI, the company can develop anti-fraud algorithms that follow its security policies to be incorporated into its infrastructure. In this way, it is possible to assess user behavior and cross multiple data to identify potential threats or fraud that have not yet been documented. 

In general, technology has helped companies to improve their processes to become more competitive in the market. Artificial Intelligence is a trend that is getting more and more prominence in this mission. Those companies that have already implemented it are able to more effectively optimize the corporate environment and cause great impact on business.

Image capture and analysis 

In companies, it can be used in facial recognition systems. With this, the organization gains more security regarding the flow of people authorized to enter the premises. The adoption of this type of mechanism optimizes manual recognition, usually done by comparing the individual with the photo of an identification document. 

Going further, facial recognition tends to be very useful in restricted areas of the company. With technology, it is easier to control the internal access of the employees themselves. In many companies, research laboratories are closely monitored. In such cases, the adoption of state-of-the-art AI is a way to protect the value of invaluable discoveries.


In short, reducing costs and optimizing processes increasingly depends on the creativity of professionals, since artificial intelligence optimizes the execution of activities and creates new ways of working. 

With that in mind, it is essential to be aware of these changes and not be left behind. After all, those who do not keep up to date tend to lose space in the market. So, study the applications of artificial intelligence in your niche market and bring this agenda to your company!