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Tips to Use Your Company Blog as a Marketing Tool

Tips to Use Your Company Blog as a Marketing Tool

Creating an effective company blog is much more than a tick box exercise that is highly valuable for your marketing strategy. When used in the right way, your blog can serve as an excellent marketing tool that will boost online presence and help you stay ahead of your competition. Wondering how? Read on to find out.  

Think global

Target people from all over the world and think globally.  If your blog can engage a global audience, it will garner more traffic.  Get rid of the limits you have regarding region or topic and focus on growing your following every day. You can reach more people by covering a variety of different topics. Instead of limiting your blogs to specific niche and audience, try out to connect to people with different interest through your blog to increase traffic.  

Incorporate the power of social media

Social media can be a key player in for any businesses. If your blog includes interesting, original, and engaging content, share it across the all social platforms.  It is one of the easiest ways to reach a wide range of people.  This way 

Make your hyperlinks clear

Hyperlinks that link your blog to your site or other posts should be clear. It can be more effective and encouraging for your audience to read and to share your blogs. It will appeal them to share the content further which will ultimately increase your followers.   

Educate and engage

Yes, promoting your business is the goal of your blog but don’t overdo the promotions and sales. The trick is to promote the product or service without being direct about it. For instance, you can create educational posts regarding your service to help the audience to learn the use and benefits of the product you are selling.  A well-written, frequently updated blog can make you a dependable resource of information. This will construct a following of loyal audience for you.

Don’t get carried away

It is tempting to posts fresh content every week to keep your blog active.  But overdoing it can negatively effect on your blog. The audiences want fresh content but overfilling them with excessive posts can turn them off. Be selective about your topics and think a little outside the box. Analyze the content that is skimming around and thinks of something that will make your company blog posts stand out from the rest.  An engaging headline can go a long way to initiate conversation with your audience.

Include Call To Actions

It is easier to turn a visitor into a lead with your company blog post.  Let’s say a person lands on your website from your blog. Once there, a button with call-to-action should be there to further drive your audience down the sales funnel. The CTA can be anything from a free whitepaper or webinars. It should lead their way to a landing page with a form to be filled by the visitors.  And that’s it! You have successfully earned a lead using your blog.

Final Words

A successful company blog can generate leads, extend your reach and lead to sales in the end. However, it takes some efforts and time to devise a plan and implement it in the right way. From personal confessionals to educational pieces, blogging has come a long way. Now that you know some effective tips to boost your marketing with your company blog, it is time get started!