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Why Services like Dropbox and Google Drive are not backup solutions?

Why Services like Dropbox and Google Drive are not backup solutions?

Google Drive and Dropbox are something that strikes our mind when we think about a reliable backup solution. No doubt, these services are great for syncing and sharing files but are you sure these also make suitable backup solutions as well?

Well, it is a great idea to have your files synced to the “cloud’ as you will be no more dependent on that consumer-grade external hard drive that you bought 5 years ago.  

But to tell you the truth, Google Drive and Dropbox itself isn’t invulnerable to data loss. Yes, Google Drive or Dropbox are a safer option than laptop or smartphone to store your data. 

However, if you think you can solely rely on these services as true backup solutions, you are mistaken.  

Confused? Let’s dig a bit deeper to know why Google Drive and Dropbox are not apt backup solutions.  

How is Google Drive vulnerable to data loss?

When you empty your Google Drive Trash, it becomes a “hard delete”, and it is hard to restore these permanently deleted files. Yes, Google provides a grace period of about 25 days to recover the data, but there are still some caution and complications if you are not a paid user. You are like to lose your data permanently unless you contact Google within three and a half weeks or less. 

Apart from this, many other things can lead to data loss in Google drive. For instance, any shared data can also be taken away from you, and you can’t retrieve it as you aren’t the owner of the share.  

You can end up with purging all files, photos, messages and sites if you are deleting a Google Apps account and guess what, there is no recovery option. Another way that can lead you to data loss is the third-party apps with access to your Google Drive account. You can permanently lose your data and files with these apps.  

How can Dropbox lead to data loss?

Dropbox seems like an ideal backup solution for most of us, but horror stories of data loss with Dropbox can make anyone think again. Imagine, you are trying to save space on your PC by shifting for thousands of photos and videos to your Dropbox after turning on "selective sync." 

Suddenly the Dropbox sync client crashed. The app is just kicked out and restarted your computer. Yes, this happens, and you can recover the data if you restore it within 30 days otherwise you will end up with losing all data permanently. 

Although Dropbox makes an ideal option for syncing files across systems, it's not the best backup solution as it stores the deleted files in the recycling bin only for 30 days.  Like Dropbox and google drive other online storage, and syncing solutions are also vulnerable to data loss.  These file sync services were meant to sync and collaborate on files and great for writing few files at a time but not your entire machine. These services do have a login, accounting error, server down or other issues that you don’t have any control over.  

Final words

We are not trying to say that you should not use file syncing services but quite the opposite. In fact, these are great for file syncing but just don’t believe that you have the entire data backup you need, simply by using these services.  

Moreover, things are changing in this area, and these services are becoming much more feature rich. Yes, you can certainly upload or sync your important folders and files using these services but don’t take these as apt backup solutions.