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Digital marketing trends 2020: You should not miss

Digital marketing trends 2020: You should not miss

The year 2020 has proved to be a difficult time for everyone, and many businesses are taking a hit. Traditional ways of working are being turned upside down. Many companies are now working from home, and are well-adapted to this new remote culture and have digitized their business. 

Digital marketing was already a hit when the year started and was gaining more and more space in the modern world. But, in this uncertainty, where there is no opportunity for face-to-face meetings or events, it has become a necessity for all brands to get on-board digitally. Therefore, it is essential for every marketer to keep an eye on this constantly changing environment, to be able to identify new trends, changes in behavior and the emergence of new technologies. 

Precisely for this reason, we have separated some of the main trends in digital marketing in 2020, so that companies and online marketers can have a reference and prepare for these changes.

Digital marketing trends to watch out in 2020

If you are dedicated to growing your business post-crisis, you need to keep up with all emerging trends in digital marketing. So you can plan your marketing budget and put in place the right strategies for maximum return on investment the following year. 

Here are the top trends you should be ready to embrace just after the crisis.

Video marketing

The year 2019 has already strengthened video marketing in a big way, but in 2020 it has paved its way fully. Companies have started to integrate video marketing into all aspects of their customer experiences. 

If you haven't yet integrated visual content into your marketing strategy, now is the time to get started! The new marketing trend is to focus on live videos: you will maximize your audience rate with quality live streaming, provided of course that you have communicated well on the event beforehand about your live interviews, webinars, news, programs on a particular topic related to your sector.

Google BERT Update

BERT launched at the end of October 2019. This update represents Google's biggest algorithm change in the past five years. With BERT, the search engine better recognizes and understands the context of queries to deliver even more accurate results. This is necessary given the growing popularity of voice search in particular, as search queries are getting closer and closer to actual human communication. Among other things, Google aims to provide precise and correct answers to entire questions.


Personalization is the best upselling tactic that could get you great conversion rates. By studying the buying habits of consumers in the past, businesses can effectively predict their customers' needs and create personalized content based on that information. This is a personalized marketing tactic that is used by brands to deliver specific messages to a potential customer. After careful analysis of an individual prospect's buying habits, brands can increase loyalty because consumers like to be treated as a unique personality with their preferences. For example, it has been observed that personalized call-to-action (CTA) on your website can lead to 202% higher conversion rates compared to standard CTAs. Personalization makes it possible to bring relevance to the loyalty created with the customer.

 A recent study showed that almost 91% of consumers prefer to shop from brands that offer personalized offers rather than the simple discounts used in the past. The trend towards personalization is expected to continue in the future.

Conversational marketing

Another trend that is going strong in 2020 is the rise of conversational marketing. Conversational marketing is understood to be the conversations that take place between users and the company directly. 

To promote these conversations, the company can implement specific actions that encourage the user who visits your website to ask any questions they may have, thus creating a bond of trust between the company and the potential buyer. 

To achieve this, actions such as: 

  • Chatbot configuration. 
  • Live chat facilities to be able to speak with a real person from the company. 
  • Link WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to get a faster and more fluid conversation.


To define what trends your business needs! It is necessary to outline the objectives you want to achieve when the crisis gets over. The nature of your product or service also plays a fundamental role when choosing the strategy. 

This will be an exciting era for the digital marketing, where robotization and the Internet of Things will test the capacity for technological innovation of small, medium, and large companies.

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