Amazon Web Services introduces Amazon Managed Blockchain

Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing subsidiary of US retail giant Amazon, has introduced its latest service that will enable its customers to create their own cloud-based blockchain utilizing Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric as a basis.

The latest product, named Amazon Managed Blockchain, is far more ambitious and impressive compared to a majority of the partnerships that Amazon Web Services had with the kinds of ConsenSys and R3 that happened just recently.

Amazon received Corda blockchain technology from R3 that would enable its clients to develop decentralized apps by using Corda. ConsenSys offered other products.

Amazon also made a key partnership with Kaleido, a ConsenSys company dedicated to the expansion and adoption of enterprise blockchain, which also provided some blockchain solutions for Amazon.

Amazon Web Services also unveiled another product named the Amazon Quantum Ledger Database, which is an immutable centralized ledger.

The unique aspect of Amazon’s relationship with the blockchain is the sense of practicality. The company knows that some companies simply don’t want or need a blockchain.

Amazon is giving what can be certainly be regarded as a robust product now, there are concerns of centralization amongst the customers, particularly the ones that are blockchain enthusiasts.

Blockchains are usually decentralized, and while the latest product offering of Amazon definitely is decentralized, the firm apparently doesn’t have the decentralized interests of the community.

Amazon Web Services was also reprimanded for not allowing its users to operate nodes, which means that the nodes will be managed by Amazon. Even though this makes things immensely easier for users who simply don’t want the burden of managing the runes, it can make them very much centralized. Amazon Web Service can also host projects, however, critics assert that extra decentralization might still be required.