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Is it worth investing in a Smart Thermostat?

Is it worth investing in a Smart Thermostat?

Year after year, the demand for smart thermostats continues to grow. It's logic. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone.  And because of the rising cost of energy, we want to manage our consumption more rationally. But is the purchase of a smart thermostat still useful?

A smart thermostat is a thermostat connected to the internet. This allows you to easily adjust your heating remotely via your smartphone. For example, you find that tonight you will be home a little earlier than usual. You operate the heating in advance. So when you arrive in your home or apartment, the temperature will be ideal or even better. Some devices detect your arrival in the vicinity of your home and automatically activate the thermostat. As you can see, intelligent thermostats have a series of convenient features. They can be controlled remotely and, unlike traditional thermostats, they are able to detect, analyze and store information.

When a start thermostat is a good idea now?

Your schedule is irregular – For those with intense social lives or irregular work schedules, the benefits offered by a conventional thermostat are often insufficient. A smart thermostat offers additional features and benefits that allow you to act where and when you want.

You want to know your consumption and follow it as closely as possible – Want to know what you can save on your energy bill. In this case, a smart thermostat is also very useful. Such a device analyzes how you heat and performs a kind of mapping of your energy consumption. This way, you are constantly in control and you save not only energy but also money.

You want to increase your comfort – With a smart thermostat, you always have control over the temperature of your home, wherever you are. It's convenient if you come home a little earlier or later than expected. Or if - a lazy strand - you want to activate the heating from your bed. Thus, the temperature will be ideal when you enter the bathroom.

How to choose your smart thermostat for your smart home

To choose your connected thermostat, you will need to start by checking its compatibility with your heaters. You can opt for a connected thermostat with voice control or a geolocation system. Some options, such as scheduling a heat schedule, connecting to weather forecasts or detecting the home presence, and detecting an open window (causing heat loss) can be really helpful.

Benefits of smart thermostat

It is convenient – A smart thermostat is able to learn your behaviors and adjust accordingly. You know when you're at home, you know when you're out, and you set yourself from time to time on the temperature best suited to the situation. Thanks to this finer and more dynamic programming, consumption is optimized and waste is limited to the maximum. How much is it worth? Of course, saving depends on how wisely you use your current heating system, but in a winter season managed with a smart timer-thermostat, you will certainly save several tens of euros.

You don’t have to program it – The convenience that technology offers us is always greater. Yes, we can say that managing a traditional thermostat is not really tiring. But the smart one doesn't need to remember to turn it on if we get home, or to turn it off when we go out. Or to program it at the beginning of the season or change its programming based on outside temperatures (it does it by itself, thanks to the integration with online weather forecasts!). What if we go out for dinner and forget to turn it off? The smart thermostat would already know we left. In short, yes, it does everything by itself and is really comfortable.

Thanks to the smart app – The smart thermostat goes hand in hand with an app for use on your smartphone. With her you can always keep an eye on what happens to your home temperature. Do you have to go home early? Don't you come home tonight? No problem, some touch on the screen of your phone and the home thermostat is fixed! And your bill too. Furthermore, the smart thermostat is also ready to be integrated with the main home automation systems, such as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Wrapping Up

People also love using technology that makes it easy to save money. Plus, many older and traditional thermostats are unsightly beige boxes with tiny sticks that move sensors and screens that are difficult to read. Smart thermostats are designed to be attractive, modern products that look beautiful on a wall with large numbers and an easy-to-read interface. Most importantly, reducing energy waste is important in today’s era of climate change.