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Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2019

Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2019

Imagine you woke up in the morning. And instead of that annoying blare of an alarm clock, your favorite music is streaming through speakers in the ceiling. As your window blind slowly open to reveal the beautiful sunrise, you touch one button and the lights get turned on. Then by the time you finish taking a shower, your coffee is brewed and your TV is already tuned in to your favorite news program or weather report. As you race out the door for work, the lights are turned off and every door in the house gets locked automatically. It might sound like a distant dream of ultimate in luxury, but a home automation system today is a very affordable reality. 

You might be wondering how’s this possible. Well, all these can be possible with an easy-to-use universal remote. With that one remote or with your smart gadgets, you can control your entertainment systems, air conditioning, lights, shades, garage doors, security systems, exterior door locks — the list goes on and on. No need to imagine anymore as with the ‘Smart Home Solutions’ all these are real and at your fingertips.  

Now, the question is what is Smart home?

Smart homes provide a sophisticated environment, which includes interconnected motion detectors, cameras, sensors, and alarms to personalize the security without your manual presence. Today smart home technology has come a long way from only detecting the fire alarm in a building to seamlessly controlling the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. The best part of the evolution of smart homes is the high-tech sensors, wireless gadgets being installed in the home.

To build your own smart automated home, here is the complete guide to help you out with the best smart home products to fix in your home:

Smart Assistant 

Recently a huge buzz is going on the aspect of smart devices, especially about the new methods to control smart home devices. Today, everybody is aware of smart voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant or Apple’s Siri. This virtual voice assistant makes easy to control the home devices only by giving voice commands. For Example:  “Alexa turn off the kitchen lights.” Soon, the kitchen light will go off without you making an effort to go to the kitchen to switch off the light. And, various features are also available in these where one can customize according to their needs.

Smart Lights 

If you are trying your hands out for the first time to upgrade your home to an automated one, then the best and easiest step to start with is the lighting. You can use smart bulbs such as Philips Hue, Lifx Mini, Eufy Lumos LED, etc to control the lights of the room with your gadgets. The additional feature available in these smart lights is you can dim the lights rather than switching off the lights.

Smart Thermostats

The day has finally come to an end when we have to manually walk to the room to change the temperature or even to stand there for an hour to set the timer. Today, by equipping a smart thermostat, one can control the temperature of the home through the phone or voice. It not only gives you comfort but also gives you complete control over your HVAC system, even when you are away from home.

Smart Locks

Security products have become more important in recent years. A smart lock is one of them, which allows locking the door remotely through your smartphone when you have forgotten the keys. This helps in building a reliable, easy-to-use, and well –designed home.

Smart Security Systems 

Perhaps, the most advanced part of smart ideas is the improved Security System with products like smart locks, cameras, sensors, etc.  These smart security systems help us to grow more intelligent and more integrated in terms of smart security. Today, in market tons of smart security products are available to track and record your home at night. By installing the cameras, door monitors, alarms one can be in peace away from home.