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Industry 4.0 is here: What Should Youth Do to Get Ahead

Industry 4.0 is here: What Should Youth Do to Get Ahead

The rise in the global economy, the threat of automation, increasing demand for technological skills, and the highly tense labor market are transforming the face of today’s workforce and stepping in a new age called Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) is nothing but the connection between physical and modern digital technologies including, artificial intelligence, data analytics, cloud, and the Internet of Things. It offers us countless advantages including improved productivity, efficiency, flexibility, and agility. But, at the same time, it comes with varied challenges. One among them is the job scarcity. 

The connection between Industry 4.0 and Job Scarcity

Today, the time has changed. And with this changing time, technology has evolved. Now, technology is not limited to the internet, emails, or mobile devices. It has moved to the next level and become an integral part of businesses. Whether it’s AI, drones, blockchain, cloud, machine learning, or IoT — in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, every technology is becoming an eye-catcher for companies. 

These modern technologies are creating a massive threat to jobs and creating job shortages. While some jobs are replaced by automation or the implementation of these advanced technologies, some are unfilled because of mismatch between youths’ skills and employer needs. 

Today, companies are changing the way they do business. They are shifting towards digitalization. Hence, companies need experts who should be well-equipped with technological skills and help companies to grow in the competitive market. They need professionals who should know in-and-out of technologies, their applications, and also implications. 

Understanding the need of the market, now, it’s the time for youth, job seekers,and working people to pursue courses based on advanced technologies. It’s the time for them to be re-skilled or up-skilled and prepare themselves for the new requirements. This not only helps them to get through the jobs but also helps employers’ to fulfill their vacancies. 

What education industry is doing?

Educational institutions, in this regard, play a pivotal role. They offer a host of professional courses like diploma in data science, digital marketing specialist, cloud architect, data scientist, and artificial intelligence engineer. By using modern tools and techniques, they provide career aspirants proper knowledge and certification for the courses which they require in their career. 

They also help working people to enhance their skills. Considering their regular work, educational institutes help them to elevate their careers. They provide distance or online courses that can help working people to pursue courses without dropping their current jobs. 

Apart from educational institutions, there are several MNC’s, who conduct skill development programs, including various professional courses related to modern technologies like AI, cloud, blockchain within their organization. Depending on the requirements, they provide an opportunity for employees to pursue these courses and upgrade their skills. This not only helps them to get through the next level without compromising their current job role but also enables companies to move further towards growth. 

Last thought

From the first industrial revolution to the fourth industrial revolution, everything — time, technology, lives, and workforce has changed. We should adapt to this change and act accordingly. Rather than staying in the comfort zone of the traditional practices of performing tasks, we should break the shell and learn new things to fit into the new world of digitalization.