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Artificial Intelligence Trends every entrepreneur must know

Artificial Intelligence Trends every entrepreneur must know

All this while, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a game-changer for most of the businesses, opening doors to innumerable possibilities. It is considered as one of the most transformative and innovative disruptive innovation so far. After years of hype and disappointment, AI has been able to perceive as a useful technology in the world of businesses. In fact, AI has the potential to completely change the way organizations do the businesses by responding to the queries, nurturing leads, and managing complex data sets with ease. Already companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft has paved its way by adopting AI in their business. And, in 2019 many companies are trying to implement this life-changing technology in their businesses to generate maximum ROI and value.

To keep up with the trends and to stay equal with the competitors, every entrepreneur must go hand in hand with the current trends of Artificial Intelligence. Check out these 3 AI trends to watch in 2019:

AI-powered Recruiting Tools

For many businesses, the traditional method of the recruitment process is one of the most tiring and time-consuming tasks. However, the evolution of AI recruitment tool has made this process simpler and productive than ever before. For example, Mya, which is known as ‘My Recruitment Assistant’, is able to communicate with candidates via Skype, email or text. Mya has been powered with machine learning and uses Natural Language Processing to pick up the detail that comes up in conversation. Based on the conversation, it can even qualify or reject the candidate’s profile. 

Just like Mya, Chatbot Olivia also handles the recruiting process and engages with candidates via the web or various mobile platforms. 

Conversational Chatbots and Virtual Agents

In recent years, it is clearly visible that Chatbots are improving customer experience in every sort of businesses. Today with the help of chatbots, even we can order grocery for our home without going out. Businesses also have advanced itself one step further by implementing conversational chatbots within their organization. Now, customers can speak to these chatbots and can resolve their queries as they used to do with a live chat agent.

Conversational AI-powered Search

As the AI-powered assistant is paving its way in more advanced form towards businesses, Conversational AI-powered search is becoming a recent trend in this competitive market.  With this conversation AI-Powered search, Consumers now can speak their search queries instead of typing. These search engines will provide more conversational answers and will save the time of the consumers.

While the full potential of AI is yet to be seen, the early adoption of these AI tools provides limitless opportunities to businesses and entrepreneurs. Many companies are now using these Current trends in Artificial Intelligence to stand out from the competition.