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LinkedIn marketing strategies to attract customers

LinkedIn marketing strategies to attract customers

There is no doubt that LinkedIn has become an astoundingly powerful social network today, in terms of career and business. This career-oriented platform has undergone many changes since its creation in 2002. The social network, which initially was much more like a virtual curriculum than a network, is now consolidated. It is full of useful resources and tools for accelerating business on the internet and has become a great place to communicate with the target audience.

According to data released by LinkedIn, about 562 million people use the platform, which is present in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. Thus, it becomes interesting to take advantage of the potential of this network and include it in your plan.

However, to start developing a marketing strategy, the company must define its objectives, such as what it wants to achieve from this platform. With these issues well resolved, budget and time investments can be well spent to generate the expected results. 

So let's explore the full potential of your business on this social network:

Professionalize your cover and profile image

LinkedIn has a series of recommendations so that your profile picture is perfect, and this would come in handy if you are making yourself known as a professional. But if you are going to promote your B2B Company, it is recommended that instead of a photograph of yourself, you place your brand logo. 

You may have many professional qualities as a person and owner of a B2B company, but it is recommended that you leave that information for your profile and focus on positioning your company on LinkedIn with your corporate image. This is how large B2B companies handle it on this platform.

Use keywords in your profile

Similar to other social networks, LinkedIn allows users to search. For this reason, it is essential that you add keywords to your profile that correspond to what people usually search for on this social network.  It is necessary to have a precise keyword that corresponds to the category that you would like the market to mark for you. Ideally, you should use a more popular keyword and a more specific one.  

The more specific the keyword, the more qualified the visits received and the higher the probability that someone will contact you. For instance, if your business is into market research services, you must add the popular keyword - market research in the description and other fields of your profile, such as the Current Position and Previous posts. This will make the profile more likely to appear to those who search for the keyword “market research”.  The more times the keyword is present, the more prominent the impact. 

However, you can also use related keywords, for example, competitor analysis to reach users who have searched for this specific type of service.

Segment your target audience

Segmenting your audience well is one of the main goals of anyone who wants to have results on social networks. Besides, this is a relevant factor in building the digital presence of a brand, presenting it to the right people on the network. For this reason, segmenting the public tends to be one of the biggest concerns of companies' media managers. And of course, the entrepreneurs who manage their social networks with love.

The greatest advantage of LinkedIn and what makes it much more attractive for companies is the fact that it is a network geared towards professional networking. And, it is the ideal place to meet people who are interested and interesting, for partnerships, hiring and of course, new customers. 

Through the information provided in the profile, every user can know what are the interests, areas of expertise, complete curriculum, career experiences, and much more. This type of information is crucial, both for those who do business directly with other people, and those who sell to companies, such as input suppliers and freelance service providers - freelancers.

Content quality on LinkedIn is very important

This tactic is useful on other social networks, and the same applies to LinkedIn also. Take into consideration the type of material that your target audience is looking for and dedicate yourself to creating legitimately quality content. So watch out! Don't promise what you can't keep. Add value to what you publish, dedicating time for research, image adjustments, and language adaptations. Also, try different approaches until you get to the one that works best. 

A good marketing strategy on LinkedIn is essential for any company that wants to reach the corporate public and wants good results with the B2B segment. Besides, there are many other platforms available such as Facebook and Instagram, but only on LinkedIn; you will be able to reach precisely to your target audience or who is looking for your campaign.

Invest in LinkedIn Ads

 You can target your audience with more refinement and impact them with more suitable ads. Thus, you will disclose your brand to those who are actually interested, and you will not run the risk of appearing by chance to those who are outside your goal. 

At first glance, advertising on this social network may seem expensive, but the return is astounding. Leads are more qualified than in other media because on LinkedIn profiles are created for the purpose of doing business or conquering new career opportunities. In this way, campaigns can be directed to the funnel bottom.

Concluding remarks

When we talk about Linkedin, you have got a powerful weapon to reach potential clients. And, although many believe that it is enough to create an account on that platform to be positioned among professionals, the truth is that you must maintain it as if it is your Facebook or Instagram account. The reason? There is a lot of competition in this social network.

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