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6 Ways That Technology Has Changed the Online World

6 Ways That Technology Has Changed the Online World

In today’s world, technology is essential. With the click of a button or the touch of a screen, we can send messages, purchase products, and receive an endless amount of information. While some believe that technology advancements are significant, others think we rely on it too much. In this article, we are going to talk about how technology has changed the online world since the release of the internet in 1983. 

Stay Connected 

Since the creation of in 1997, social media sites, chatrooms, and other forms of communication platforms flourished. Technology lets us send messages and connect with our peers quickly and easily without having to talk over the phone. 

We can upload photos from around the world, share our location’s and even wish our friend’s in other countries a Happy Birthday. While there are some negatives to social media, such as cyberbullying, we can’t deny the impact this creation has had on our society.  

Purchasing Goods 

Before the world of online shopping, if you wanted something, you would have to leave the house to get it. However, with many businesses opting to sell and ship their products online, you no longer have to worry. Not only can we receive products, but we can also choose to sell them ourselves via websites such as eBay, Gumtree, and Etsy.  

Work Opportunities 

Along with the purchasing and selling of goods, come heaps of work opportunities. With the ability to make money online, many individuals today choose to work from home, freelance, or start their own online business. Check out how to make money online in India to see the different possibilities that have arisen.  

Accessible Information 

Before the expansion of the internet, books, newspapers, and magazines were the only way to get information. If you had a school assignment, you would have to head down the local library and get to work. However, now with over 1.74 billion websites (2020), you can find all the information you need without having to leave your home. 

Business Advancements 

Some businesses can’t offer their services online. If you’re a beautician or hairdresser, you have to be present to complete the service. However, this hasn’t stopped technology from assisting them. Not only can you advertise and post reviews for your business online, but customers can book and pay for services in advance. This reduces the number of phone calls per day, and individuals can take on more clients. 


Lastly, the world of the internet has opened up a vast amount of entertainment, which wasn’t available beforehand. We now can stream videos online, rent movies, and purchase music. We can install games, download audible books, and even read the latest comics. The entertainment industry is now booming, all thanks to the advancements in technology. 

There certainly are many benefits that have come from the growth of technology, but how far can we go? Will we soon be able to transport to other locations or drive flying cars? The world is continually changing, and whether we like it or not, technology is here to stay.

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