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Do Digital Tools Make us More or Less Productive at Work?

Do Digital Tools Make us More or Less Productive at Work?

Technology has a firm grip in every aspect of our lives. And the condition of the people has gone to the extent that they cannot imagine a day without using gadgets or apps. We are living in the digital age where spending our time without these handy gadgets is almost  impossible. With the development of technology, employees in every organization and industry have started to approach their work in a new dimension. But the question is whether the technology helps us be more productive or just waste our time at work.

According to a new global study by Aruba, a HP Enterprise company, “Employees who work in digital workplaces are not only more productive but also more motivated, have higher job satisfaction, and report an overall better sense of well-being.”

However, few people might disagree that the use of technology at the workplace might hamper the productivity.

24/7 access

With the help of technology, 24/7 access is possible. This 24/7 access can help organizations communicate anytime and anywhere without any limitations. Employers can support their employees, answer their queries, and address their concerns whenever they want.  

Easy communication

With the help of digital tools, we can contact anyone, regardless of where they are. Organizations that are growing and trying to expand internationally knew the importance of communication as useful contacts might be anywhere in the world. There are many digital tools that help people to have easy communication. For instance, through the use of Wi-Fi, communication through messaging, calling, and video calling can be done easily. When the instant access to communication is possible, companies can increase the productivity without any hindrance. 

Productivity status

In most of the organizations, productivity depends on digital tools. Although digital tools are indubitably useful, they are completely reliant on good internet connection to make them work effectively. But the problem is if there is a bad internet connection or if any technical problem occurred, productivity would instantly decline. What to say? This is the age  where productivity and technology are considered as twin brothers.

Not only that, with the whole internet at our fingertips, it is easily to become distracted. All of us know very well that when we log on to social media, time flies. One small notification from social media apps just lock our attention and pull us into another world where we waste productive hours of the work day, having not done anything but scroll.


Even though technology helps us a lot in our workplace, innovations like social media have certain setbacks too. Of course, digital tools come with their own drawbacks. Digital tools have the capacity to increase or decrease the quality of work and productivity, depending on the user. With digital tools, the scenario can be good, bad, or even worse. The only wise thing that we can do is we can avoid extremes.

If we do not maintain proper balance between productivity of work and digital tools, one side of the equation will always suffer.