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On September 1, 2018, Google Chrome celebrated its 10 years anniversary and it transformed the way people used to surf the Internet.

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Traffic congestion is the worst thing of a city ? and a nightmare for its residents. The problem is only increasing with more population inflow to the

How Google Chrome has Changed over the Past 10 Years

With Millennials accounting for a significant part of the modern workforce, the traditional motivation approach of ?carrot and stick? is no longer ade

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Voice assistance has become the global go-to aide. And Google Assistant, the AI software running on Android devices and their Smart Speaker System, is

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Engineers and developers at the Aquarobotman have created a brand-new ultrahigh-definition 4K smartphone controlled underwater drone they have been ca

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Huawei is developing a gaming-oriented smartwatch that would be capable of taking selfies and performing several other unique functions.

Welcome Nemo - The Underwater Drone

A statement by Hulu recently announced that it has a base of over 20 million subscribers within the US. As reported in January, it had 17 million subs

Patent Approved: Huawei to Launch Gaming Smartwatch with Selfie Camera

Facebook has begun with the F8 conference. What is it doing to handle the user information concerns is the key question it needs to answer. And as alw

Stepping Up: Hulu to Launch Offline Option As it Crosses 20 Million Subscri

Spanish bank BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentina) has become the first international financial institution to issue a loan using the blockchain techn

"Clear History" Feature to be Added Soon to Facebook

Eclypses And Delta Southern UAS Partner On Cybersecurity For Drone Industry

BBVA Becomes The First Bank To Use Blockchain For Issuing Loan

World?s third-largest mobile handset manufacturer Huawei is in talks with Sirin Labs to authorize an operating system that runs blockchain apps.

Eclypses And Delta Southern UAS Partner On Cybersecurity For Drone Industry

Rabobank, the Dutch multinational bank and financial services company, is working with IBM to use cryptographic pseudonyms on its client's personal da