JPMorgan Chase plans to use blockchain technology to expedite dollar-based

American banking major JPMorgan Chase has announced its plans to utilize blockchain technology to accelerate dollar-based payments for its corporate b

Google pays nearly USD 9.5 bln to Apple in TAC: Goldman Sachs estimates

US search engine behemoth Google has paid almost USD 9.5 billion to Apple in traffic acquisition costs (TAC) the last year to remain the default searc

IBM joins hands with Boehringer Ingelheim to deploy blockchain in clinical

The Canadian subsidiary of U.S.-based tech behemoth IBM has joined hands with German-based pharmaceutical giant Boehringer Ingelheim to deploy blockch

Blockchain Technology Slashes Forex Costs by 25% for HSBC

Banking giant HSBC recently revealed its new blockchain-based system, called FX Everywhere. The company explains that the system has reduced costs for

The Times They are a Changing Blockchain and the Music Industry

Nobel Prize-winning musician and song writer Bob Dylans one of the most iconic songs goes like this The Times They are a Changing. This cant be more a

How Virtual Reality is transforming the music industry

As many as 36.7 million people in the United States are using virtual reality apps and devices in 2018 and as per a Nielsen study, millennial populati

Researchers are developing a quantum computer that functions like a brain

A latest research project intends to use the capacity of quantum computers to develop a new type of neural network a development that could result i

Tesla acquires Maxwell Technologies for USD218 million

American electric auto manufacturer Tesla acquired San Diego-headquartered energy storage maker Maxwell Technologies in an all-stock deal worth USD218

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The evolution of technology is happening rapidly across every business, enabling businesses to become more efficient and productive. Whether it is spo

Advantages of AI and ML for cloud security

As per a 2018 study by the Ponemon Institute, it takes one year and nearly USD3.94 million to control the average data breach. In spite of an increasi

Smarter than smart homes The new age genius homes

Over the past 10 years, real estate developers have been in a race to integrate high-tech solutions and modern facilities into their projects.

7 Ways Blockchain will Revolutionize Mining Industry

Blockchain is coming to the mining industry and the blockchain technology offers an immense possibility to transform the way mining sector and connect