Instagram introduces Nametag feature; 7 steps to share your Nametag

Instagram introduces Nametag feature; 7 steps to share your Nametag

Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo and video-sharing social networking service, has introduced a latest feature named Nametag to enable people to find the profile of any Instagram users just by a simple scan.

The Nametag feature is available on both Apple iOS and Android platforms. The feature is a personalized identification card that is stated to be unique for each user.

When someone scans the code using the Nametag feature, they can follow the Instagram user as well as visit their profile. Instagram users can share their Nametag via text message, email, social media and many more.

Here are the simple steps by which Instagram users can use the Nametag feature:

a) Open the Instagram app and go to personal profile

b) Tap on three lines at the top and after that tap on the first option "Nametag"

c) You will go to a new window that will display your nametag with profile name

d) This nametag can be scanned by other users to follow you

e) You will find an option under your nametag to scan a nametag that will enable you to scan the nametags of other users

f) You can share your nametag by clicking on the share button on the top right corner of the screen

g) Likewise, you can scan someone’s nametag by swiping right into the camera

Instagram also confirmed that it is testing Instagram school communities in the United States that will allow students from different universities to connect with their peers as well as recent graduates and alumni from their own universities. Students just have to add information such as college major, class year, name of the school, among others.


As per media reports in September, Instagram is also developing a standalone app, which may be named IG Shopping, to exclusively allow people to shop from the app. The app will allow Instagram users to browse product collections from merchants that they follow and buy directly via the app.