9 Technology Tools that Help Writers to Write Better

9 Technology Tools that Help Writers to Write Better

Writing is not easy.

To get a perfect page, one has to write several drafts, make sure the sentence structure is sound, grammar usage is right, and no spelling errors are there.

Writers have to proofread their drafts several times and make sure that what goes into the final draft is free from every kind of errors and is ready to be published.

This, however, is the thing of past.

With so many tools and software available for writers, writers in the modern era are far luckier than their contemporaries from different eras.

The modern writers just have to copy-paste their first draft and put the contents on the box of the tools and software and can instantaneously rectify the errors and make improvements to their works.

Some of the tools and software that can help writers to write better are listed below:

Hemingway App

Hemingway App is an app developed for writers who aspire to improve their writing. The app rates the readability of a writer’s work on a scale of 25 and it uses different colors to highlight the problem areas.

The app uses yellow color in a sentence (or sentences) to highlight that the sentence is convoluted, long, and filled with common errors. The app uses red color in a sentence (or sentences) to highlight that the sentence is very hard to read and is very dense and convoluted.

The app uses purple color to highlight that the phrase (or phrases) has a shorter and simpler alternative. It uses a blue color to highlight adverbs and recommending users to remove it. It also uses green color to highlight phrases written in the passive voice.


Evernote is an online note-taking app that enables users to add virtually anything to it – be it a document, a photo, a website, an email – and it will sync across all their gadgets. Users can automate the app by having folders on their computer that the app monitors and by taking pictures, making notes, or recording audio within the app. The notes synched in the app are completely searchable, encoded with GPS, and easy to organize folders and tags.


Dragon software uses voice dictation to transcribe your speech as well as do other things for users such as searching web contents for them, update calendar via Microsoft Outlook, search and find videos via YouTube, send emails via Gmails, and update social media statuses (Twitter and Facebook).

Even though using the software in creative writing and poetry can be difficult, users can easily use to compose listicles, answer emails, and other less demanding tasks.


Scrivener is an outliner and a word-processing program that is designed for authors to provide a management system for notes, documents, and metadata. This enables users to organize notes, documents, research, and concepts for easy reference and access. The program enables users to organize, file, and add notes to the documents.


Freedom is simple software that is devised to keep a computer user away from the Internet for up to eight hours at a stretch so as to keep them away from distractions and help them to focus on writing, analyzing, coding, and creating. The computer program blocks use of internet in a selective way.

A research has found out that social media has similar effects on our brains as highly addictive drugs. The software can block Pinterest and Facebook and other social media tools and enable users to focus on the things they are supposed to do.


Copyscape is an online plagiarism checker and anti-plagiarism service tool that detects if similar text content appears somewhere else on the Internet. The tool can also help writers to find out the pages in case unauthorized copies of their work gets published anywhere on the web.

Copyscape is easy to use and free of cost that lists on 10 results per search. The plagiarism checker tool is also available in a premium version named Copyscape Premium that yields more informative results at a low cost of $0.05 per search.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is a free online tool that can help writers to write better headlines that drive traffic, search results, and shares. The tool breaks the entire headline a user has written into various elements to gauge the effectiveness of their title. Factors such as sentiment, emotional value, the best length for the title, proven types, etc, are used to grade and score the headlines and rate the probability of the article to garner maximum social media shares and SEO value.


ProofHub is an online collaboration and project management tool that is armed with astonishingly productivity features using which users can create projects to organize their writing and efforts. For example, users can create a project for the writing that they submit to their clients as well as a separate one for their personal works. ProofHub offers notes that can be used by users to note down their content. Moreover, there is an inbuilt calendar that users can use for creation of an editorial calendar.



ProWritingAid is an online writing editor, style editor, grammar checker, personal writing coach, and writing mentor in one package. ProWritingAid enables users to learn grammar, spelling, usage, and punctuation rules. Users can download the free ProWritingAid software to test their understanding of grammar.