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Why companies need to upgrade to Analytics

Why companies need to upgrade to Analytics

As the saying goes, "Data is the new oil.” There has never been as much data as in the last 30 years, after the so-called digital revolution. Everything around us today is running on data-driven Insights. Products, Marketplace, Software Sales, Services, Content are gaining traction with Data.  Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that “every two days, we are generating a volume of data equivalent to what we have created from the beginning of civilization until 2003 ".  However, the question that arises here is, with so much data available, what exactly is possible with it? Let us tell you there are countless possibilities. But two that are worth highlighting: 

  • Companies can make more strategic business decisions.
  • Professionals can stand out in the job market with the ability to analyze data.

It is a fact that data has become a valuable input for organizations. And the professional who knows how to use them will boost your growth and definitely get ahead. 

Do you want to know how analytics can be a turning point in your career, regardless of your area of ??expertise? Then continue with us!

Why it's essential to up skill your career in Analytics? 

The volume of data is growing every day. But just having them is not enough. It is necessary to structure, analyze, and understand how data can guide projects and deliveries. The professional who can appropriately analyze data will be able to make more strategic and more assertive decisions. And that is why organizations are increasingly looking for this kind of professionals. 

According to the World Economic Forum, data literacy was considered the most urgent skill that companies will require in 2021. It means that organizations have started to understand the importance of analytics in the business, and as a consequence, looking for professionals who can streamline the business process by making better business decisions.

If you think that analytics is exclusive only for scientists, or physicists, or mathematicians, then it's time to deconstruct that perception. The truth is that all areas of a company produce data, whether on a larger or smaller scale. Therefore, the professionals who work in each of them must have the ability to analyze the data and use it strategically. 

To conclude, if you want to develop your analytical skills, the first step is to invest in a course. That way, you learn to work with data and analyze it in the right way, using your maximum potential, leveraging results, and accelerating your career.