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Types of business venture to start in times of crisis

Types of business venture to start in times of crisis

With the current pandemic situation we are experiencing, starting a business in times of crisis may seem like a very risky bet. But what characterizes the entrepreneurial mindset is the ability to detect opportunities amid a crisis, even the worst, and take advantage of them. 

So, if you are planning to start a business, service, or product or want to make an extra profit if you have a job or are on lay off, don't stop. To be successful with a company, the most important thing is to focus on a specific market need and serve it with customized products and services.

That is why here, we have listed some successful business ideas, which you can start in times of crisis, and that too from home, working at your comfort zone.

Monetize your personal blog

Do not think of a blog as a personal diary where you can write what you can think of at all times. That has hardly any economic potential. A blog is a place where you offer the public your knowledge on a specific topic for free. 

Fortunately, or unfortunately, most people do not dare to start a blog. You think you have nothing to contribute, you fear not meeting your expectations, or you are concerned that readers will accuse you of an impostor. But those beliefs only exist in your mind. All bloggers have started with those fears; the key is to choose something you are fairly good at because there will always be someone who knows less than you and wants to learn. 

Besides, as you work on your blog, you will adjust its focus according to what your audience values ??about you and finds appealing. Another key to success is specializing because too general blogs tend not to stand out at all or be able to create a loyal audience. Some specialized blog ideas could be: ·       

  • Practical tips for cheaper travel     
  • Productivity to organize tasks at work      
  • Emotional intelligence training for parents with children
  • Keys to improving public presentations

If you satisfy the need of your audience and make yourself visible in the blogosphere, you will begin to receive more and more interested visitors. From there, you just have to choose how to monetize your blog.

Sale of specialized foods

We all need to eat, and food is a staple that we buy daily. But there are groups of people who have special needs in this area. 

For example, diabetics, or people with a gluten allergy, lactose intolerant, people who only eat vegetables, etc. A good idea for a successful business in a time of crisis is selling specialized foods for these groups of consumers who cannot eat the same foods as others. 

You can create a specialized restaurant, a food delivery service only for people allergic to gluten, open a store where you sell this type of product, set up a bakery for diabetics.

Offer online courses

Many people are at home looking for online courses to make this quarantine productive and learning time. Do you want to share your knowledge? And, if you have the budget, you can create a platform for people who are willing to pay for online courses by offering them from classes from languages, digital media, business management, to cooking. 

Although it is true to create this business, it takes a long time and maintains it even more since you must create a work plan for each course, provide personalized attention to students, clarify their doubts, and correct practical work. 

However, this alternative will remain in force during and after the crisis, and with a little patience, you will start to see good earnings working from the comfort of your home. Don't forget to promote your page by spreading it on social networks, theme websites, and other means of communication.

Investing in e-commerce

There is no doubt that the sector that benefited the most from social isolation was e-commerce. Online shopping is already recorded continuous growth for years, but the Covid-19 crisis has further turbine the industry, bringing many people who never considered the idea of buying the computer. 

Many people started to move their bank account by application or internet banking and to make market purchases in the same way. It was a matter of necessity to remain in quarantine. The truth is that many new users will start to use e-commerce without fear, adopting it as a routine.


It is not because it seems we will have difficult times ahead that you should restrain your entrepreneurial spirit. On the contrary, in times of crisis, great business opportunities arise. The important thing is to prepare for the crisis, so as not to be caught off guard.