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B2B Marketing: Tips for a successful business

B2B Marketing: Tips for a successful business

Essential for companies that sell products and services to other companies, B2B marketing is largely responsible for converting and qualifying Leads, in addition to generating real sales opportunities. 

However, defining B2B marketing strategies can be a challenging task. After all, it is necessary to take into account several internal and, mainly external factors, such as the crisis right now. That is why knowing the main strategies used by the market is an important step for you to analyze how your company has been acting and how it can reach your audience more assertively. 

To help you create the best sales opportunities for your business, here we have prepared an article, on what are the main strategies to be adopted while creating a B2B marketing plan. Good reading!

About B2B marketing

According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), marketing is the activity, set of institutions and processes to create, communicate, deliver and exchange offers that have value for consumers, customers, partners, and society in general. B2B marketing has companies on both ends. Therefore, the first important concept is the generation of qualified leads (potential customers) for the sales team. With this, the whole team is able to work strategies with these leads, in order to carry out a conversion with the help of industrial marketing. 

In addition, monitoring the consumer to the post-sale stage is extremely important. In B2B marketing, keeping up with the sales process and even delivering on time is essential. Only then will the customer buy again, because, the relationship with a B2B customer is essential. After all, a healthy and long-lasting relationship will help to maintain the profits of your business. 

Another important concept of product marketing is to highlight the differentials of what will be sold. As we all know, competition is high. Therefore, it is necessary to show the advantages of your product and what is innovative about it.

Strategies to improve your B2B marketing

Research and planning 

Undoubtedly, before anything, it is necessary to set goals. Therefore, among the main B2B marketing strategies are the research. Be it public, persona, or keywords. Research is the starting point for setting the goals that will be achieved throughout the process. By doing this, it is possible to have a more assertive view of the possibilities. 

By the way, a good tactic is to provide digital surveys and questionnaires about the customer's experience with the company. It can help establish methods and promote change, as well as knowing what is accurate and what needs to be improved. Likewise, it is essential to remember that even with the strength of digital campaigns; offline marketing has not stopped working. Participation in fairs, events, and magazine ads can bring good results.

Create a database that you can nurture 

A database is a powerful asset, and thanks to marketing automation, you can keep track of your contacts and send them personalized offers and all kinds of information and content at the right time. 

But to get a good database, you have to be able to capture users, who can initially be anonymous, and turn them into records or leads with contact data that you can follow up on. In this matter, there is a notable difference with B2C: end consumers are captured above all through online forms and buttons on web pages, while in B2B face-to-face actions such as events or fairs are also very important.

Make good use of metrics 

B2B marketing must be 100% measurable. Today there are tools that allow good monitoring, and it is essential to discover which the most effective actions to focus on them are. According to a recent Sales force study, the most important metrics to measure the effectiveness of our marketing strategy are: 

  • Revenue growth 
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Customer retention rates 
  • ROI of Marketing actions 
  • Generation of leads or potential clients

Work on email marketing

Email marketing offers many competitive advantages and does not require a lot of budgets to invest in. It allows the company to communicate all kinds of corporate news, offers, promotions, etc. In addition to being essential to increase conversions, it also helps to build strong branding. 

For your email marketing strategy to work, accompany it with a good strategy for capturing and managing leads. Do not forget that you are addressing a company and not a final consumer, so their needs and interests change. Some tips to make this strategy effective: 

  • Maintain regularity. 
  • Identify needs and offer solutions through your products or services. 
  • Listen to your audience, ask them what interests them, and adapt your content to their preferences. 
  • Take care of the design, texts, and appearance of your communications.


There are countless companies that deal with withB2B marketing. However, by applying the correct strategies, you will be able to notice a significant increase in sales and process efficiency.