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Tips to keep your business alive during and after the crisis

Tips to keep your business alive during and after the crisis

The economic crisis, like the healthcare one that is still very present today, is taking its toll on the business network all over the world. A large number of companies, freelancers, SMEs, and entrepreneurs face new challenges every day without knowing how to act and what to do to avoid being forced to close the shutters of their businesses. 

However, one of the golden rules in times of crisis is to keep your mind and, your horizons open. Contrary to the usual attitude, in the event of the crisis, it is imperative to remain connected to the market to supply and demand as well as to the opportunities likely to come. The goal is far from "freezing" all its activities, but rather to work extra hard to come out of the crisis stronger!

Let's look at some tips that your company can implement during and after the crisis:

Digitize the business

If it is not possible to digitize all the processes, at least transform a part now, as it is the only way to survive in this new context. This does not mean having e-commerce, but changing the mindset and the business culture (always putting the focus on the customer), towards those actions, technologies, and strategies that make use of digital methods to make a company more efficient and increase productivity. It is another way of relating to customers. It is a mentality that will reign over the business culture of a professional, so that each employee, collaborator, or manager, among others, can think digitally taking advantage of the opportunities of the Internet economy. 

If the business is a small business with few financial resources, it is best to go in small steps. See what situation the company is in whether it is well-positioned in Google, or if it has a payment platform, or what phases of the sales process can be done via the Internet or telephone.

Partner with other companies 

Here, you can be creative! Look for a company that offers a product or service that has synergy with yours and see if it is possible to make a partnership. For example, a neighborhood restaurant, which can now only deliver, could create a virtual catalog with products from neighboring stores and deliver everything together. It is a win-win situation: the restaurant earns a commission from the store, which it gains by continuing to sell, and the customer wins by buying products from more than one supplier in the same purchase.

Maintain a good brand image 

More than ever, it is essential to take care of your relationships and your brand image. Whether with your partners, or your customers branding is a defining point in how those who know you perceive you, your brand, your business, and yourself! Pay attention to the image on the WEB and on networks in particular: quality of content, quality photos or even videos, news, clarity of the offer and the process, special offer, references, etc. In short, everything that gives credibility to your company! Branding directly influences customer confidence, and therefore the number of sales. 

Look at your competition: what are they doing and what can you learn? 

Some companies are currently suffering more than others. Study those who seem to be going through this crisis and learn what they do differently. Take a look at your direct and indirect competition to understand what others are doing and which strategies seem to be most effective. While some strategies may not apply in all industries, use what you can, and customize these strategies to suit your own needs. 

There are countless ways to adjust your company's macro strategy and positioning to keep up with the competition. By understanding how your competitors position themselves during and after this crisis, you can prepare to gain an advantage when companies return to normal.


The world is a terrifying place right now. At some point, things get better, most things go back to normal, and things that constantly change are things you can adapt to. 

In short, take advantage of this period to put common sense back at the heart of your marketing campaigns by using effective short-term measures and by multiplying quick wins. Seize this crisis as an opportunity to regain control over your marketing actions and take advantage of it to recruit new customers.