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How to Increase the Conversion Rates of Your Website

How to Increase the Conversion Rates of Your Website

It is essential to increase your site's conversion rate, since having a great conversion rate usually increases the sales volume. Setting up a goal for the website should be the first step. This is because a website can only be evaluated against an objective and how effective it is to achieve it. It is impossible to improve your website if you do not have a goal, since it is only possible to improve what can be measured. The following are tips for increasing conversion rates.

Create A Pop-Up 

The average conversion rate for pop-ups is about 3.09%. However, adding pop-ups appropriately can attain a conversion rate of 9.28%. The following are ways of getting a high conversion rate from pop-ups:

  • Try various offers until you get the most appropriate one.
  • Simplify the process of closing the pop-up
  • Ensure the pop-up appears once per user by setting up a cookie

Eliminate Unnecessary Form Fields

People can be scared of filling out an online form if it has a lot of fields. This is one of the areas that can reduce your conversion rates. Therefore, you should consider removing all unnecessary areas and retaining those crucial to accomplishing your objective. If your sales team fails to obtain the complete lead information needed for follow-up, your signups may be very high but with a poor close rate. Therefore, it is essential to find the appropriate balance between obtaining the lead info and retaining minimum fields.

Conduct A/B testing

Testing is an essential element in conversion optimization. Experimentation is a perfect method of mitigating risk in deciding while giving your creative team a chance to innovate and explore new opportunities. Your objective should focus on having at least one and preferably many A/B tests operating all the time on your site. Since it is impossible to be perfect for a website, marketing, or product design, you should focus on learning what can function and what cannot through continuous tests.

Add Reviews, Testimonials, and Logos

Nobody likes to be the first person to use a service or product. Providing reviews, logos, and testimonials from previous clients eases a person’s mind. Social proof such as a testimonial buffers uncertainty, creating a significant conversion effect.

Eliminate Distractions

It can be frustrating to visit a website that takes you in too many directions. Therefore, you should ensure that your website is concise, clear, and easy to navigate. Do not include anything unnecessary, and stick to what matters to your visitors. For instance, you can try out white label link building. It would help if you considered implementing the following:

  • The headlines and subheadings
  • Features and benefits
  • Reviews or testimonials
  • Visuals and context that indicate what you are offering

Ensure the First Step Remains Easy

There is a psychological principle that people love finishing what they start. Therefore, you should ensure your initial step remains extremely easy to complete. You can opt to request an email to start rather than a complete form to fill in. After that, you may provide the complete form to secure extra information. Although a person may not fill it in, you will still have their email. A simple initial step increase motivates your visitors to take action and follow through to the end.

Create a Third-Party Signup Service

Nowadays, alternative logins are very common. Rather than creating a new profile from scratch, users can log in using their Facebook, Google, or other accounts. This helps to eliminate the process of signing up.

Provide a Money-Back Guarantee

As a business owner or marketer, you should understand that consumers like avoiding risks. Nobody likes putting their cash at stake, especially if they aren’t sure they may not get what they are paying for. A money-back guarantee creates reassurance to the customers. It would help if you did not get worried about making a loss due to sales returns.

Create a Point Of Purchase Upsell

Although this doesn’t technically alter the conversion rates, it increases revenue without impacting your funnel. Before a client finishes their purchase, consider offering a similar service or product that can be added to the order using a single click. This single trick can make your order value increase from about 10% to 20%.

A website plays an essential role in someone's business. It is essential to optimize it and increase its conversion rates since this helps generate more sales.