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How to digitize your business

How to digitize your business

For many years there has been talk of digital transformation in companies, but despite all the discussion, the topic became a Buzzword and not necessarily implemented successfully. However, one of the effects of the pandemic was that it served as a catalyst for the business reinvention in times of crisis. 

At this moment, where there is social distance and people are working remotely, it is possible to make a general assessment of companies in all segments and identify who has managed to implement digital resources consistently in their businesses.

What is digital transformation?

The digital transformation is a process that promotes profound changes in society. From a manual, bureaucratic and slow model, we are migrating to a more dynamic, fluid and practical reality based on technologies that allow transactions and relationships to occur in the digital environment. 

It is common to find definitions that limit the concept to the adoption of digital technology, such as online sales, artificial intelligence and big data, but the transformation is much more about how we use data in the pursuit of generating value - which puts users at the center of the process, as beneficiaries of the change. 

A new business model, which allows the company to operate in the digital environment, needs to be consolidated with the approval of the consumer, which occurs when he perceives a superior value in the product or service. From this point of view, digital transformation is a process that uses technology to create business models capable of creating a better problem solution, generating a unique experience and a better relationship with the customer.

Prioritizing digital presence

You can have a digital presence through an optimized website where you can explain how to solve your clients' problems. This tool can help you sell at any time and from anywhere, remember that potential customers are not only limited to business hours, so having a website they can learn about your business and buy whenever they want. 

On your website, you can add a chat or chatbot integrated with your sales team because it can improve the customer experience. This tool can also carry out some tasks related to customer service such as placing automatic orders, reporting technical incidents, providing information about a specific product or service, etc.

Improve the payment methods

Whether you sell physical or virtual products, offer a service, or are an intermediary in any business process, you must provide a payment method. This refers to a safe and comfortable solution for the client and you. In these cases, you must evaluate the platform that suits you according to various factors such as: 

  • commissions 
  • Internal regulations of your country of residence 
  • Ease of access to the money obtained 

Thus, there are many combinations of payment methods and virtual wallets that will allow the customer to pay by credit or debit cards, bank account, transfers, and others. Since the rules are varied, you should explore the available options yourself.

Social networks

Of course, they can't be left out! They are the main sources of potential customers who contribute to improving the positioning of your website in search engines such as Google. These social media allow us to create more effective advertising campaigns by being able to define the objective profile of our clients. 

By understanding the characteristics and interests of your potential clients, you can use this data to carry out customized advertising campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. For example, In the case of Facebook, you must create a company page and not a private account to be able to design them. You can also investigate the world of advertising with Google Adwords.


The issue of digital transformation is much more comprehensive, there is still a lack of a greater understanding of what digital transformation means in organizations because this concept goes beyond suddenly working at home using conference and internet tools to carry out activities. 

To reinvent your business during the pandemic, you need a lot of planning, know your segment well, and adapt to new forms of online sales. It means adapting to what the market asks for, not only in times of crisis but also because it is the future of organizations.

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