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How feedback is the key to employee engagement

How feedback is the key to employee engagement

The importance of feedback in companies is enormous. 

On a daily basis, this tool is essential for the evolution of professionals and the organization as a whole. This is because giving employees a voice, instead of just telling them what is good or bad, broadens their view of the company and themselves, strengthens the bonds between leaders and followers, and also between colleagues. If you want to better understand the importance of feedback in companies and why it has become an increasingly relevant tool today, follow the post we have prepared.

The importance of feedback in organizations

Feedback can be positive, constructive, negative, or corrective. It is an action that reveals the assertive or needy points of improvement in the tasks performed by employees. Professionals who receive feedback constantly are more committed to the challenges of the corporation since they are recognized for their successes and are aware of where they need to improve.


Meetings dedicated to giving feedback to employees are a great opportunity to recognize their work and make sure that employees feel valued. Likewise, monitoring their performance and progress based on their objectives will allow you to evaluate the possibility of rewarding workers with a salary increase, internal promotion, or some bonus or gift voucher. These types of meetings will allow you to personally thank and congratulate those employees who are best performing their duties. A simple gesture like this can that transform your work environment into a high (positive) work environment and improve the productivity of the company.

New challenges and goals 

Companies with a better culture and work environment are those in which employees has a strong sense of belonging. In these types of companies, workers understand what the company is trying to achieve, and are inspired by its mission and values, and know how the work they do contributes to global success. Feedback meetings help workers understand how individual goals play an essential role in the overall business plan. 

Understanding this helps them feel part of a whole, that they have a collective vision, and motivates them to achieve the results that are expected of them because they know that they make sense within a puzzle in which each of them is a key piece. Likewise, these types of meetings are a great opportunity to regularly review objectives, set new ones, set new challenges.

Turnover reduction 

Many people want to grow personally and professionally. Therefore, they seek to be in places that allow them to achieve their goals and objectives. A company that listens to and respects its professionals, seeking to assist them whenever possible, guarantees their permanence in the staff.

Evolution of the professional and the company 

It is not enough to know that something was done incorrectly, it is necessary to know why it is not good and how to improve it. Feedback given effectively promotes learning, improves business processes, and improves employee performance.

Concluding thoughts

Feedback does not have to always focus on negative aspects or behaviors to improve. Feedback sessions often serve to reinforce and praise those behaviors or tasks that contribute to the good development of the company. This type of assessment will increase the self-esteem of the employees and above all, their confidence in themselves, and in the way, they carry out their tasks.