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How Blockchain is revolutionizing the future of Digital marketing

How Blockchain is revolutionizing the future of Digital marketing

Marketing is constantly confronted with challenges that threaten its development. It is imperative to use the right tools to optimize data security. This is where the Blockchain comes in. This technology aims to thwart fraud and preserve company data. The Blockchain appeared in 2008. It is an underlying architecture of the Bitcoin virtual currency. 

However, the use of this technology extends to fields other than banking. In marketing, Blockchain helps to build an environment of trust between brands and customers. There is still a lot of confusion about the use of blockchain in digital and other applications. 

Therefore, in this article, we will show you what are its possible applications in digital marketing and what the future will bring.

Impact of Blockchain on Digital Marketing

It is important to remember that Blockchain goes far beyond Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. This is a technology that can be applied to numerous areas, such as Digital Marketing. To learn how it can help your business to evolve, below, we list some areas where you can see significant changes in the years to come.

Provides more trust and credibility 

One of the problems that many companies face - especially large ones - is reliability. The search for the origin of the products, for example, has become a growing concern in recent years. Therefore, ensuring the origin of your products and generating credibility is a necessary process. To be able to gain that trust, there needs to be transparency. And this is exactly one of the biggest pillars of Blockchain. 

A practical example of using this technology is Walmart, which has teamed up with IBM to make its supply chain processes more transparent. The goal of the project was to use Blockchain to digitally track where their products came from, starting analyzes at their retail base in China. As a result, it was possible to increase confidence in the origin of the company's products. This is just one example of how Blockchain can be used to strengthen consumer confidence in a brand. Regardless of the branch of your business, there are ways to apply technology to improve it further.

Eliminates intermediaries in the purchase of online ads

Until now, companies like Google and Facebook have controlled the digital advertising market, as only they connect advertisers, content creators, and end-users. Blockchain simplifies this process by allowing content creators and advertisers to interact confidently and directly. When it comes to user contact, the blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the way we understand ads. For example, Brave Browser has created a unit of measurement, the Basic Attention Token (unit of basic attention) that measures the mental effort of the person who has seen an advertisement.

Beneficial for branding 

Starting from a basic premise, having a Bitcoin-friendly payment method already shows how innovative your company is and follows the trends. Even using the Blockchain system to formalize digital negotiations between companies is a plus for your company - both in terms of security and marketing. Showing your brand's face to the world is not an easy task. It is not enough to say that your values ??are “X”, if you do not demonstrate this through internal and external initiatives. The bet on emerging technologies brings an innovative image of who is at the forefront and concerned with the security of transactions. 

Of course, in the case of Blockchain, you need to study the system well to understand exactly how it could work for your business. If you intend to accept payments via Bitcoins, it is important to understand how they work, what investments are necessary - such as generating your own Bitcoins and creating a virtual portfolio - and to balance the pros and cons in the current scenario of your company.


As we've just seen, blockchain can completely change the digital marketing landscape and trends. But the change is progressive and not a sudden change since it requires the adoption of technology by a large majority of users and a profound change in mentality: we have to get used to moving in an "encrypted internet". And since the blockchain is a decentralized technology, users must participate for it to work.