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Brand management in times of the crisis

Brand management in times of the crisis

Without a doubt, 2020 has been a year that is revolutionizing the way we live, communicate, and what we buy. And, all this is having an impact in the world of marketing. In a scenario like the current one, there is a lot of doubt about how brands should act. What should they do or not do? What actions can be considered opportunistic?

But, the current Covid-19 situation has put everything in check and has paralyzed the economy of many countries, forcing the trade to close its doors and turning attention to other issues related to how we see ourselves as a society. Against this background, brands have not only had to stop their activities and campaigns, but they have to rethink the way they relate to customers and the communication they give both internally and externally.

Thus, to assist companies in building positions and in the correct brand management, here are some essential tips for managing your business brand:

Rethink your brand purpose

The brand is a valuable asset for companies, and they need to react to events. And, the brand purpose says a lot about how the business deals with the issues that arise in everyday life. 

And, don't think that only big ventures need a brand purpose, small businesses too. For instance, the neighborhood pet shop also needs to position itself amid the crisis as a company concerned with the health of pets and their owners - so what measures should they take? How is your brand helping to fight the disease? People need to know how you handled the things in times of uncertainty. The purpose of your brand should be like a compass to guide the market and society as a whole.

Customer management

With the onset of a major crisis, it is going to be one of the most critical moments in the relationship with the client. It is a time when companies must lead the situation and, as far as possible, act with greatness and a long-term vision. 

Undoubtedly, this is the worst time that everyone is going through in every aspect of life. And, also, without a doubt, clients' are going through a tough phase. Therefore, the first key is to empathize, put ourselves in their place and try to combine how you can provide more value than ever without putting your company at tremendous risk.

Don't forget your company's core values

However, the crisis has begun for your brand, remember that you have built it around a series of values ??that, of course, you have considered moral and beneficial for society. You may sell cars that ensure safety, books that have the mission of spreading knowledge or foods that promote a healthier life. A crisis is a crucial moment when those values ??must be used.

Think about it: If your brand values ??are a good thing, why not mention them in your crisis response messages? People are much more willing to forgive when presented with a motive beneficial to society. Also, do not forget the parallel actions that your brand carries out, and that constitutes a good for society. If you often include environmental support messages in the footer of your brand emails, those who have received emails from your brand know this, and it is a great time to remind them.


Such a severe crisis that changes almost every hour requires a higher level of attention and quick reaction. It is vital to show empathy and sensitivity because health crises provoke emotions in people that are difficult to control.

By showing great leadership in the face of adversity and gaining public confidence, both internally and externally, companies can emerge more robust after a crisis, as has been demonstrated in past situations. All crises are different, but each one of them offers us valuable learning for the future.

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