Re-imagine the Traditional Channels of Outsourcing

Enterprise services companies have an opportunity to rethink their offering as a membership. Instead of selling hours, or fixed price projects, or cos

Subprime Credit Borrowers Increase Debt as They Return to the Market Lackin

New York Federal Reserve Bank?s quarterly report shows national household debt totalled at $12.3 trillion in the second quarter of this year, a $35 bi

Why it is Easier to Drive Productivity with RPA

Want to reduce costs, and at the same time enhance performance? Then, Robotic Process Automation might be your best bet for the future.

Disruption in the Telecom Sector

The rise of SD-WAN is already happening among global enterprises that want to leverage broadband Internet to augment or replace their existing MPLS co

How Crucial is Business Change

Change and uncertainty go hand in hand, but uncertainty often causes most of the problems. Transformational Leaders need to reduce people's feelings o

Change your Workforce with Technology Intersection and In-person Communicat

Automated work is a higher order of the trusted system, so be sure that process and systems are in place before automating anything.