6 Reasons That Bring AI Under The Scanner

Hype over artificial intelligence reached its zenith in 2017, with CIOs, consultants and academics touting the technology as potentially automating an

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Worried About The Latest Law Change? Follow These Three Easy Steps to Boost Your Business

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The hottest topic of discussion in the recent times has been the climate change. With Artificial Intelligence becoming the jack of all trades, it was

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Cybersecurity weighs heavily on the minds of global trade professionals when it comes to business risks in the supply chain.

Get Your Technology Mission Right

Three-dimensional printing of human organs, driverless cars, widespread use of drones, genetic manipulation of embryos, super computers with access to

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Transforming Business Models in the Digital Economy

In the digital economy, traditional supply chains will continue to be disrupted by services offering superior customer engagement or product offerings

Shadow IT and the Impact of Mobility

?Shadow IT? is the trend of employees using unsanctioned technologies for work, thereby putting corporate data outside of the IT department?s control.

The Digital CIOs of the World

Digital technologies have made it possible for platform makers to easily integrate devices and data-streams to positively impact business functions.