Amanda Dorenberg Joins FrontRunner Technologies as Partner, Chief Data and Technology Officer

Amanda Dorenberg Joins FrontRunner Technologies as Partner, Chief Data and Technology Officer

TORONTO With nearly 15 years of senior level marketing technology, media, and advertising experience,industry expert Amanda Dorenberg has joined FrontRunner Technologies as Chief Data and Technology Officer and business partner.

Based in the Toronto office, Dorenberg will be responsible for the development of all data and technology product offerings. She will also be tasked with accelerating the company’s presence and influence across North America.

“Amanda Dorenberg is a formidable industry leader,” says Janet Weiss, FrontRunner’s COO.  “Her unique grasp of media, analytics and programmatic platforms combine together to position FrontRunner as a disruptive force in the DOOH space; the promising potential that stems from this partnership is exciting.”

As the former Chief Marketing Technology Officer for Centrys Inc. a blockchain & Web3.0 venture-consulting firm Dorenberg was responsible for the company’s growth marketing and technical product development.

Moreover, following the acquisition of Dynamic Outdoor, Dorenberg served as the Technology and Marketing Executive with OUTFRONT Media Canada. Here she spent two years developing a first-to-market, digital out-of-home analytics platform, which allowed brands and advertisers to understand audience movements in front of DOOH screens. The development of this platform ultimately led to the onboarding of all programmatic integrations and the development of its data management platform. 

“FrontRunner Technologies has a highly disruptive business model with exponential growth potential – and I love that,” says Dorenberg. “My goal is to develop a seamless analytics platform, leveraging innovative data processing techniques to provide both our advertising clients and our real estate partners with robust insights.  We’re also in the process of onboarding programmatic exchanges and integrating with DSPs in the coming months, so you’ll definitely be hearing a lot more from us. We’re looking forward to making some big waves.” 

Dorenberg’s impressive resume emphasizes a focus on disruptive technology solutions, positioning her as a thought leader and standout Woman in Tech. Her notable expertise in developing proprietary advertising-technology solutions; proven track record in increasing market share through evolving data science practises; and her creative marketing capabilities using strategic branded storytelling make Dorenberg an incredible asset to the FrontRunner team.

Dorenberg whose work has been featured in top tier media including Forbes Tech and Wired Magazine is a recent nominee of Canada’s Top 40 under 40.

About FrontRunner Technologies

FrontRunner was founded in Canada by CEO Nathan Elliott in 2016 to create a new standard of digital media delivery platforms for North American enterprises. Projecting the future of content delivery through its WindowFront Matrix, the company provides a Digital Out of Home (DOOH) content solution for national and international brands while empowering real estate owners to own, enable and operate the digital billboards of the world within existing space. The Matrix is driven by proprietary app and projection technology to deploy vibrant digital content in WindowFronts across the globe, populated with dynamic projection-mapped video and interactive content in real time.

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