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DENTACOIN FOUNDATION: Reinventing the Global Dental industry

Dentacoin Foundation started out its journey with a firm belief that everyone has the right to have access to high-quality dental care.

Innovation has become the cornerstone of every business. Despite the increased competition, organizations of all sizes are trying to bring something new to the table that can revolutionize industries and can add value to customers. But still, many organizations fail in the process of introducing a new set of products and services in the market, owing to the lack of understanding of their customers’ pain points, and their inability to address them.

This occurs as organizations give more significance to uncovering new ways of doing things than taking time to understand the unique needs and requirements of their customers. Although new ideas and new ways of providing services can give an upper hand to an organization, the real-peer differentiating factor that determines an organization’s success in the long-term is its ability to understand its customers’ needs and design products and services that addressthem. Dentacoin Foundation, a blockchain solution provider, is one such company that has successfully addressed the unique wants and requirements of both dentists and patients alike in the global dental industry. Famed for introducing the first blockchain solution to dentistry, the company aims at improving dental care and making it affordable through shifting the paradigm from sick care wants and requirements of dentists to patient-centered preventive healthcare and utilizing the blockchain technology.

Today, Dentacoin Foundation has become the choice of consumers for its block chain-based software solutions and a common-industry specific currency (accepted as a means of payment for dental services and products by 70+ dental practices, labs, and suppliers in 17 countries) Already used by 870k+ individuals and 4k+ dentists, Dentacoin Foundation’s block-chain- based tools and crypto currency helpconsumers seamlessly and securely connect and efficiently cooperate with each other to generate personal and mutual benefits. “Patients seem to be very excited about the fact that they can earn real crypto currency while simultaneously helping their dentist, having their voice heard and improving their oral hygiene,” says Prof. Dimitar Dimitrakiev, PhD, Founder of the, Dentacoin Foundation started out its journey with a firm belief that everyone has the right to have access to high-quality dental care.The statistics, however, shows that less than only 20 percent of the global population can afford high-quality dental care. Moreover, USD 440 billion are spent annually on dental treatment; 90% there of wasted on preventable problems. “The high level of fragmentation on the global dental market turns over 1.6 dentists worldwide into lone fighters, unable to achieve efficiency and forced against their beliefs by the current system of tariffs, settlements and insurances,” adds Jeremias Grenzebach, Co-Founder and Core Developer at Dentacoin tells Dimitrakiev.

Solving the Problems of Dentistry From the inherent high -level of fragmentation to low -degree of industrialization, there are a host of challenges that are yet to be addressed in the dental industry. Though dentists and patients realize the fact that technology can help them solve these problems, they are not able to find the right organizations that are committed to bringing the technology advances to operational businesses such as dental practices, suppliers, dental laboratories, and manufacturers.

This is where blockchain solution providers such as Dentacoin Foundation play a pivotal role in reinventing the entire industry. By adopting employing Dentacoin Foundation’s cutting-edge blockchain solution in place, patients become an active part in the healthcare reinvention process. Moreover, they can earn Dentacoin tokens for variety of mutually beneficial activities such as providing feedback, taking surveys, maintaining proper dental care), and cover their treatment within the our Dentacoin dentist network spread across 177 countries.The benefits of using Dentacoin Foundation’s toolsand currency arenumerous. The company provides a wide range of platforms with only one key objective in mind: affordable Patient-Centered dental care. The company’s best-in-class platforms, which include Dentacoin Trusted Reviews—the first blockchain-based platform for incentivized detailed feedback; DentaVox Research platform, gathering valuable market research data on dental related topics; DentaCare Mobile App that helps users to establish healthy dental care habits—all are designed in this regard.Moreover, the company has built strategic partnerships with other companies in order to improve the communication means and help patients to better understand the benefits from using Dentacoin.While the patients get a host of benefits using Dentacoin Foundation’s blockchain based solutions, Dentists, on the other hand, are supported in the process of building a successful patient-driven dental practice, regardless of size, competence, location, and budget. “The need of creating a loyal patient community around each dental practice, that is highly engaged with all the processes, that constantly contributes with feedback and ideas, is a mutual need of dentists all over the world,” explains Jeremias Grenzebach., Co-Founder & Core Developer, Dentacoin Foundation.

Dentacoin Foundation credits the success of the organization to its community of young scientists who care about the long-term welfare of patients and are paid for keeping them healthy. “The epitome of this principle is called Dentacoin Assurance - a revolutionary dental insurance-like program, which encourages paying for prevention and not for treatment. It is executed through a smart contract on the Blockchain, directly between patients and dentists. Through a low monthly premium in Dentacoin paid to their dentists, patients are assured to receive lifelong, prevention-oriented dental care,” explains Grenzebach Dimitrakiev.

The company going forward is highly focused on improving its tools and developing the next ones, as well as expanding the partner network. The final goal isAlso, the company wants Dentacoin dentists to be available at every corner, offering affordable prevention-oriented care, efficient communication, automated and secure payments, and advanced patient engagement programs powered by the Dentacoin tools and currency. Another upcoming project on Dentacoin Foundation’s roadmap is a decentralized dental health database which can store patients’ data in a secure and reliable way. “It is fully controlled by patients —only they decide what to store in the database and who has access to it. This peerless security degree and control over one’s own data is ensured by the Blockchain. For dentists, that means easier and more precise prophylaxis plans and highly individualized treatment plans based on a holistic view of the patient health,” concludes Grenzebach.


"Dentacoin Foundation credits the success of the organization to its community of young scientists who care about the long-term welfare of patients and are paid for keeping them healthy"