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How to survive and reach the top position in the corporate world?

How to survive and reach the top position in the corporate world?

How to survive and reach the top position in the corporate world?

What a strange sense of reason that many of us do still believe that we have to work hard in order to reach the top position in the corporate world. In the present scenario, a majority of employees are discouraged by the idea that career success can be only achieved with hard work and a string of qualifications. Absolutely not.  Many of us believe that only hard work can take us to the top.

I ask you a simple question. If all the employees who are working hard reach the top position, then who will work in the organization? This may strike a funny note. But this is the reality. 

In my experience, I have interacted with and observed many entrepreneurs and people who are in top position. From them, I have observed and learned many things which I would like to present here.

  • Strategy

To come up in a corporate ladder, strategy is very important. For your understanding, I tell you a small story. One day, a car owner called a mechanic to repair his car. Mechanic came, checked the car and hit the engine with a hammer. The car engine started and the mechanic asked for 100 pounds. Car owner said, “Charging 100 pounds for just one hit with a hammer is too much.” The mechanic coolly replied, “I have charged only 1 pound for hitting with hammer and 99 pounds for hitting at the right place.” This is what I call ‘strategy’.

  • Always keep yourself busy

Almost all organizations proudly say that they want their employees to be happy. But the reality is just the opposite. The harsh reality is that organizations don’t like relaxed and happy employees. Even though employees come to office every day, if the management finds them being relaxed and talkative, they (employees) will not be given promotion at the right time. Recently, one of my friends told me, “Whether or not you work, always keep yourself busy by staring at the monitor”. How true it is in this current strategic corporate world!

  • Avoid office politics

Finally, yet importantly, stay away from office politics as far as you can. Of course, I agree. It is hard to be dumb and deaf without being part of office politics, but still it is not impossible to stay out of it. Involving in office politics does not take you anywhere. What is the use of involving in office politics? On the contrary, it will lead you only to downfall.


To make a long story short, surviving and reaching high position in a corporate world is like a game. Once you know the rules of the game and make right moves at right time, then it will become a cakewalk for you. Climbing up high in a corporate ladder is not everyone’s cup of tea, but at the same time, it is not that difficult also.